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Featured VIC C426 Mt Baw Baw Tourist Road - Slop everywhere

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by dbrain, May 18, 2015.

  1. The road from Noojee to Mt Baw Baw is soggy as all hell and covered in bark, leaves and downed trees.
    Maybe normal for this time of year, but I didn't know and thought a couple of warm days would have dried the roads. Figured it was worth posting a warning for anyone considering it.

    There's also loose stoned areas they must be working on.

    Killed one of my crash bobbins coming around a U-turn corner. Ass slipped out and recovering from that sent me towards some mud (mixed with a bit of target fixation when I saw I was heading towards said mud).. front hit it and slipped out.
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  2. Forest fallout - leaves, bark and moss growing through the bitumen, and unpredictable wet surface - is common on any road where the sun don't shine on the road surface during winter. Had this drama riding Great Ocean Road (frequent wetness), Lorne to Bambra (Winchelsea) Road and Skenes Creek to Forrest Road (wetness and leaf and bark litter) yesterday, May 17, 2015
  3. Ditto Reefton spur today. Which made cornering less fun :(
  4. jeez thats no good, hope you are ok ?

    those roadwork sections are bloody dangerous. went up there a few weeks ago on the pushie, trying to get through that gravel on 23mm was no fun at all... the gravel was quite deep and loose. fcuk knows why they leave gravel on the road like that. i wish i could be this half arsed about my job and get away with it...
  5. I'm mostly fine, thanks! Slightly sore shoulder and minor roadrash on elbow. The armour in my textile stuff decided to move out of the way when I went down instead of covering the important bits. I was only doing around 15km/h at the time (20km/h corner but was super messy).

    Funny. I wasn't really feeling it yesterday, and was weighing up turning around (not many places to do it on that road). Maybe it was the crash bobbin trying to tell me something. At least the long ride home went a bit better once I passed the sloppy road.

    The gravel was scary on the bike, not sure if I just overthink it and imagine it, but any slightly movement feels like things are slipping around. So I tend to go super slow especially on corners. It can't have been great on a pushbike.
  6. its good that youre ok, and good on you for riding out of there and home again.
    sounds like your textile stuff may not be fitting right, a good snug / tight fit will probably limit the movement of armour in a crash.

    and apart from those roadworks, riding up there on the pushie was fantastic but unfortunately wont be going back up there until mid to late spring.