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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jay77, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Ok
    I'm in the market again for another bike.
    I'm 95% set on another M109r, but there is a part of me that thinks I should seriously consider the C109RT.

    I haven't had a chance to ride one of these yet so....

    My question to you guys is, what do you guys think of the C109?
    Any user reviews?
    How different to the M109R is it?
    Are there any other cruisers you recommend considering too?

    Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. I have not ridden it to compare, but I would imagine slightly reduced cornering ability.
    Also they have a bit less power than the M.

    In my opinion it is more of a styling choice. One resounding comment I have had from owners of the C109 is lack of tyre choices. Only 2 or 3 different choices, where as on the M109 there are quite a few more to choose from.

    I would suggest trying out the Thunderbird Storm and the Rocket III Roadster.

    Maybe look at a Victory as well?
  3. The rocket III does interest me a lot, and I would love to hear some comments from anyone who owns one
    Victory's I do not know much about though they have some nice looking bikes.

    This time I need something very pillion friendly though not Goldwing stylee
    Something where my passenger can be comfortable for an hour or two.
    I love the look of the M109 but when you make it practical and add windscreen and saddlebags and pillion back rest IMO it doesn't look right

    Lack of tyre choices won't put me off if I like the C109 to ride and will suit me well

    And (cough) are Harley's really as unreliable ad the jokes suggest??