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C10/1HD MotoGP telecast

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by the wizza of oz, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Not sure if anyone's touched on this, but C10/1HD's telecast of the Qatar round begins 3 hrs after the start of the main race (if we're lucky-the golf may run over) due to the Masters telecast which is taking precedence. race begins 6am Monday AEST, the guide has it scheduled on FTA at 9am.

    now, considering that they have the option of 2 channels to telecast events, why dont they show one event on C10......the golf if its more important to them as it can reach a wider audience....and show the other on 1HD? they did something similar with their very 1st broadcast on 1HD up here in sydney when they telecast the swimming skins in preference to the Richmond vs Carlton AFL match.

    Bit of a cop out when you see the amount of ads they have running for the MotoGP.......its definately one of the very few jewels in their stable amongst all the poker, extreme paintball, etc crap they have on.

  2. it makes a fair amount of sense. more people are going to be watching it at 9am rather than 6am
  3. Just a guess, but maybe they pay less for a delayed telecast than for a live one?
  4. suits me, i can sleep in more!

    live, delayed, i dont care, as long as i get to watch it.

    but yes, i agree, maybe they could make better use of their two channels.
  5. yes, good point. but as i said, they have 2 channels and could air both events and then swap 'em over.

    with the current setup, i'll just try to find a tele with cable to watch it live. so its not as though they'll be getting an extra viewer here.
  6. yep, contract clauses might be restricting when C10 can air the races, i.e., fox, so my rant might be in vain.

    this all may seem like a trivial whinge but i just hope we dont have to endure the 2 hr delays and midnight telecasts when they head into the european rounds. what shits me is how they'll have Greg Rust and co crap on for half an hour in order to give the impression the race is live.

    hopefully they can come to some sort of agreement with Fox, (if thats the case) and air them live on 1HD.
  7. I am sure they don't have any restriction on their show times. They certainly didn't last year.

    It is more likely that $ for $, they get more revenue for golf than for bike racing, which is a low value niche product. If they CBF showing F1 live (when they can), why would they Motogp.

    If it's really important to you, you can purchase 1 event passes from Motogp in either SD or their HD service (1mbps stream, good enough for most PC screens and even scales up well on an HDMI TV). A SD pass costs 8.95 euro's and is valid for the whole weekend. If you're nuts like me, you'll be up at 6ish tomorrow for the QP.

    You can also watch the 125's and 250's from the same site.

    The intent of the OneHD service wasn't to split their SD and HD. They intention is to maximise their audience by using their alternate SD channel AND their HD channel to simulcast their sports shows.

    [Rant]The really sad part is that most of the sports they show are not HD at source and the best the HD user gets is an upscaled broadcast. Because the total bandwidth assigned to the channels has more or less stayed the same and none of the FTA commercial channels were allowed to multicast on their SD allocation, the bit rate (the most obvious sign of quality) was lowered on the HD AND SD channels, the net effect being a lowering of quality across all of their offerings.

    And viewers outside of the capital cities don't get either an HD or OneHD service from SC10.[/Rant]
  8. does this mean that no matter what I do it would still look average on a 50" 1080 plasma, cejay???
  9. I was considering buying a season pass from motogp.com (great value, imo) however I decided to subscribe to Foxtel. This allows me to watch SBK & MotoGP live.
  10. It'll look ok, but if you've bought a 1080 plasma, then you're not viewing HD content in all its glory. The real problem with OneHD means that they no longer broadcast many native HD programs. Previously, most 10HD broadcasts were drama and HD originally.
  11. I am considering resubscribing but after last year with bad bandwidth being only able to view on low, I am not sure if I will.
  12. They *seem* to have got that sorted. Was OK this morning.
  13. A lot more people play golf, than race Motorcycles.
  14. I resubscribed for another season for $82AUD. I must say the software on their site for video delivery has vastly improved. I can now watch the live stream on much higher quality with no buffering. Lets hope it can stay this way because this is a lot better than last year.
  16. Absolutely HAMMERING down with rain :(
  17. It depends.

    Plug your laptop/PC into your TV and you've got it displayed their. Or watch on your 22inch external display.

    What you get for your subs though is the FP and all the races. If you don't have Foxtel, it's great.
  18. This race wont happen unless it stops pissing down.
  19. Its better watching it on my 19" monitor than not at all. I don't have AUSTAR/FOXTEL and CH10 normally delay the telecast to midnight so this is the best option.

    With the better video performance now through the live stream the quality is very good. Remember with the PC you can also have open live timing which gives all the stats plus with membership you can view all qualifying live and some free practices. You can also see the full 125/250 races as well with the Motogp commentators who do a very good job.

    Anyway what a disappointment for the race. I feel sorry for the crowd having a 125 race go for 4 laps a 13 lap 250 race and no Motogp race.