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C spanner...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Captain Seven, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Anyone know where I can pick up a C-spanner,or steering stemnut wrench, (online or otherwise) for a ZZR 250 that won't cost me $40.00? I'm looking to adjust the preload on the rear suspension to take her from a wallowing barge to plain barge. :)

    The guy I talked to when I rang up Vicwreck said I should just have at it with a flat screwdriver and a hammer, and knock it around a setting or two. I don't really feel comfortable attacking the problem that way, and if it's as tight as it says, I might have a hard time doing things that way.

  2. Stop being so tight.
  3. There has to be someone in or around st.Kilda that you could borrow the spanner to make the adjustment .I'm sure they'd appreciate a coffee for their efforts.

    Tell you what, turn up to the Marina on Thursday nights at 7pm for the mystery ride and there is bound to be a ZZR250 there with a C-Spanner.
  4. I changed the rear preload exactly like that.
  5. I carry a Yamaha one, we'll see if it fits next time I see you.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'll buy one if I have to, but at $40 bucks, and that fact that I'm only going to use it once, if going to look into cheaper options first. Makes sense to me, anyway.

    Cheers Doug, thanks for the offer. Not sure when next will be, but cheers!
  7. A screwdriver's a bit crude (and rather hard on the screwdriver) but a bit of brass or aluminium bar makes a good drift and won't mess up the nuts like a steel tool will. Given a decent sized hammer (1kg+), there's not much you can't shift like this.

    Have a look round Bunnies. My local branch occasionally has suitable brass in the metals section, threaded brass rod in fasteners, and assorted bits of brass plumbing fittings that could be pressed into use at a pinch.
  8. I have one, come to monday coffee one night and you can borrow it.
  9. I was in the same position so I borrowed my brother's spanner and got a mate to make one up out of stainless steel sheet. Bit of heat shrink over the handle and its better than any you can buy. I made my handle a little longer for more leverage as my brother's was too short as it was made to fit in the rear compartment of a sports bike.
  10. didnt know the unicycle had a suspension