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C ! . . .'mon !!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Sensational !!! . . perfect mix of muscle tone and beauty.

  2. A little too blokey !

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  3. She can pin me down on the mat anytime !!

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  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22643361-421,00.html

    I think sensational. !!!
    But part of me thinks its a little scary ! :eek:

    I'd be checking for adams apples and knee caps before to make sure its not Lleyton dressed up !
  2. so you're into the fellas huh micky? that's ok, so am i :LOL:

    she's old and she's ug man! sorry, i just see a screwn chicken when i look at her, besides, anythingt 'lleyton' genes has poor breeding aspects

    im such a biatch!

    cheers :cool:
  3. Could you please add an "Oh God, I think I'm gonna vomit" option.
  4. micky - what did that accident do to your vision buddy? :?
  5. no man..Damn. what wrong with you
  6. How much does that pic look like a photoshop job? Her face just doesn't go with the body at all!


    Pass me the spew bucket will ya?
  7. MG and _joel_ would agree with me ! ;)

    Isn't that right fellas ??

    Fellas ???
    yeah, you guys would agree with me !
  8. thats cause shes got that bodybuilding oil crap on her body, but makeup on her face.

    no offence but why would any woman want to become a body builder
  9. that an't no woman! it's a chicken i tells you!

    not photo-shopped so there really isn't any hope.

    sorry micky, im sure someone will agree with you..sooner....or later :LOL:
  10. She has more balls than her brother.
    Cant wait for the show to start though.
    Pic taken (left) Sep 2005

    A real scary one :shock:
  11. No thanks!

    It looks like a photoshop because she has dream tan on. Why would a girl become a bodybuider? Well, I only know one and it's because of self-esteem issues.

    I will take my girls soft and curvy thank you very much!
  12. +1

  13. Where's the "I may aswell be rooting a bloke" option???
  14. Too hardcore..

    Wish i had her abs though!!

    +1 for J Hawkins mmm
  15. Or a condom stuffed with walnuts...
  16. I'd go there. A bodybuilder chick's on the list - right underneath the contortionist. I'm into equal opportunity rooting.

    Plus she'd do the duck thing.... "COME ONNNNNNN!!!!!!

    ...my face, right here..."

  17. i'd give her a go! :grin:
  18. Yeh why not.. If it was for free!

    I'd compare her to Lleytons Mrs; with his permission of course! & then
    sell the tapes off to the highest bidder. I'd also get loyaties as well..
    so yeh, I'd hit it for sure.

    I used to inject my training partner (below photo) when she was on
    cycle & she was forever hassling me to put her on more than the 3
    annual cycles I had her on.

    I refused, so the biatch ended up doing it herself on the sly. I knew she
    was up to no good when she started changing in area's she wasent
    supposed to.. her voice dropped a little & she was always bloody horny.

    Got her to take her undies off one night, & her friggen clitoris was
    huuuuge, much much larger than I when last saw it and that explained
    why she was always bloody horny when training.. esp when training her


    The thing is tho.. it was a permanent change because we trained together
    for another few years & it never returned to it how it used to be. Could
    be a good thing in the short term.. but long term, she had problems.

    Her voice never changed back as well. icon_cry.

    She f*cked up. icon_neutral.


    I wouldnt want Miss Hewitt any harder &/or shredded. Gotta remember tho
    that pic was taken just before her first comp, so shes done some serious
    dieting to get herself like that.
  19. :LOL: :LOL:

    Shouldve taken a pic so you could see for yourself. :shock: