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C-MARC's take on motorcycle safety :/

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by robsalvv, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. C-MARC is the MUARC of WA. Its a partnership between Curtin Uni and Monash.

    They have a bunch of fact sheets here: http://c-marc.curtin.edu.au/completed/research_factSheets.cfm

    And their motorcycle fact sheet here: http://c-marc.curtin.edu.au/local/docs/CMARC_Fact_Sheet_13_Motorcyclists.pdf

    It's a pretty negative fact sheet in tone. They don't point out any of the reductions, just that it's higher than cars. Their proposals for rider safety include training, and better road and roadside barrier design, which are fine, but also includes a revised GLS, gear, speed management(ISA)/enforcement, ABS, collision avoidance technologies and airbags.

    This is the kind of stuff setting policy.

    They quote stats which show that the majority of KSI's are multivehicle, are metropolitan, in 60/70 kmh zones and at intersections. Yet there isn't one recommendation about increasing driver awareness on how they can share the roads with riders.

    Bloody typical.
  2. Not surprising in light of the relationship with MUARC. They (MUARC) are getting some big ideas about their role. In a recent interview TV interview they went beyond road safety and talked about how their road policy was going to be extended to play a key role in fighting global warming and crime on the streets.
    I can see more surveillance and more curfews on their agenda.
  3. It may be time for a second round of funding cuts to these universities. They seem to forget many motorcyclists are in positions of power within government and private industry.
  4. It's pointless. Australia/NZ lost the lead in road safety decades ago after a promising start with seatbelts. Now Aus/NZ are a bunch of also-ran countries in terms of road safety which have been eclipsed by others where there are standardard design rules covering hundreds of millions of people and producing economies of scale unlike ADRs which are dreamed up by numpties and cover a tiny population of 25 million; other countries which have larger numbers of two-wheel vehicles, where road traffic crash rates are lower, where vehicles are cheaper and where people seem to be able to drive/ride faster without killing themselves.

    And what is this "towards zero". Do they expect zero road traffic fatalities? Nothing has zero fatalities, why not aim for something realistic with a realistic title.

    Infact, if WA wants to reduce fatalities and since a big proportion of fatalities are pedestrians struck by motor vehicles, why not start off by putting "green man" pedestrian lights in the Perth CBD, because right now there are many junctions in the Perth CBD which do not have separate signals giving priority to pedestrians. The pedestrians just have to start walking when the green light for motor vehicles goes on, and hope for the best with people turning from other directions.

    That would be a better start than producing this pile of $%^& factsheet.

    These acronyms are starting to shit me to tears, any chance of an appendix so that the layperson knows what is being said and what it is?
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  6. Who and where are all these powerful people in Government ?
    They certainly haven't done much to date.
  7. Actually, if you can find it in you to fix the spelling mistake, it would be great too :p

    I can't edit the page any more for some reason :(
  8. Under the law, pedestrians do have right of way over turning vehicles, same as in the Eastern States. Unlike the Eastern States, though, neither pedestrians nor WA drivers appear to be aware of this. Maybe it would be better to enforce what we already have.
  9. This is correct, pedestrians have right of way. However like bikes come off second best in collisions regardless of fault, so do pedestrians. On Wellington St, Perth, which is a wide street, on junctions where there are no pedestrian lights, a car can easily be doing 40km/h on a turn before the driver emerges from their bubble and notices a pedestrian in front of them.

    I can't think of a single CBD junction in Melbourne or Sydney without pedestrian lights in contrast.
  10. Sydney must have upgraded in the last few years then. When I was last over there in 2006, I walked down from Town Hall to Circular Quay and memory tells me that most of the cross streets relied on turning traffic giving way to pedestrians. Being used to Perth, I was amazed that it did.

    Anyhow, it's a Sandgroper's greatest pleasure in life to watch visiting Eastern Stater's scurry when they twig that driver behaviour is a little..........erm........different here :D.
  11. FMD mate, it's not leet speak. They are common terms used in talking about road safety. I've been using them for years on NR.
  12. I think smee has a point with the acronyms, on netrider not a huge deal but often they end up in media releases and so on. You need to know your audience rob, your trying to convince the general public, not other enthusiasts who know about road safety. GLS is fine, but KSI i had no idea.

    But yeah, everyone just wants to control the world in some way. It sucks that here in this county we seem to let these ****s go for it.
  13. And I've been banging on you for years to explain what they are. You overdo the acronyms mate and just because you know whattheya re not everyone else does. Maybe a list of explanations in your sigfile would be good.
  14. They end up in media releases after the full term has been stated.
  15. Just tried to edit the wiki... put in 8 new terms, xenforo crashed.

    I CBF doing it again. ;)
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    Last edited: May 13, 2013
    God no, his sig is long enough! Could @Mouth set up a replace term list for common acronyms so they come up like this? I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to make it so roll over text would explain the acronym rather than give the link.

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  17. That's a good idea Smiley, theres an astronomy forum I frequent that has that set up, they look like viglinks but go straight to to the wiki.
  18. I agree with @smee , Rob, I like reading your stuff but I don't have time to go searching for the meaning of some your shortcuts. So stop arguing and do something about it ya goose. :D
  19. They are not obscure acronyms though...


    LOL :)
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