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C.I.B at my place tonite, WFT???? Cant believe it.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goddie, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Well I was at work this afternoon about 5:20ish when the mobile goes off, I work on a call centre [yes in melbourne, no I dont have an accent, unless I've had a few then its more a slurr]
    Anyhow, I call home to see whats up, missus says, CIB is here [with a panick in her voice] so I say 'put em on' a chap jumps on, pleasant enough, asks if I know a guy called Glenn Bradley, not even a second and I said, nope, dont know the name, cop asked 'what time do you finish, I said 6, see you at 6:30.
    I get home, couple of boys from Torquay!! Pleasant and apologetic about disturbing the home etc, asks again if I know this guy, I said no idea who this guy is, they mention the guy that went 'missing for 3 days' at the Otways a couple of weekends ago, like most I said 'yep saw it on the news, wanker wasted 3 days of resources when he 'walked out'
    So they turn around to me and say, 'so why did you ring him on the sunday?' lol I freaked out, happens to be the same weekend I buy my bike!! I was also on the market for a helmet, this clown was selling a Shoei, advertised his wife travels to essendon so I thought see what its like, in the meantime anothe Shoei pops up on ebay, I go see that one [like new condition] ended up buying the one I tried so they were here, very polite, and for the life of me I could not remember the a phone conversation two weeks ago that went for 4 minute long [271 seconds, good on you Vodafone] so there were a couple of txts too but I had deleted them but the number call out and missed call. Missus freaking out not knowing whats going on, my saying 'mate bring on the lie detector test, I asked if txt messages were recorded or calls, they said no [as if, or it that illegal?lol] only one thing that woke my thoughts up and that was when one of them said, 'he was in essendon on the night' I asked why, they said his kids dance!! So it triggered the ebay ad, and I pulled the ad up, showed my messages to him, his wife was called to confrim and she was very apologetic about the mess. Seems the guys 'walkabout' cost Vic Police $200 thou!!!
    Goes to show some clown wants a little attention[ for what ever reason] and how much money is wasted, hence they 'want the bill paid' as I said they were very apologetic and appreciated our full co operation and our 'nice attitude' as they cop heaps apparently, as I told them, I wouldnt do their job, under paid, under resourced and no thanks given to them and they are there to serve and protect us. I know some would say 'farkem' well there soem shitful ones, but isnt that in anything and everything? Took the missu out for dinner, had some nice indian and a red wine and about to call it a nite, so how was your day? lol

  2. Lol. We heard the plane flying over looking for him. Musta been infra red or something, was a bloody big plane, flying very low & slow, definately not a commercial plane....

    Glad to hear your experience with the detectives was good.

    Oh, and my day was just fine thanks. I'm on A/L :)
  3. welcome to the modern face of policing.
    make a call, send a few txt messages,
    all of a sudden you are complicit in some sort conspiracy.
    talk about jumping to conclusions.

    i can understand you don't wanna make things difficult for yourself,
    but that is the exact kind of thing i would object to on principle alone.
    without doubt or hesitation i have told them to nick off.

    why should you and your wife have to put up with all that crap,
    just because they've jumped to some conclusions.
    that is just stupid and lazy policing.
    i would feel obligated not too reward it.

    for all you troubles,
    did they give you a get outta gail card
    or clemency on a few demerit points?
  4. The art of good grammar strikes again.

    I think I missed how ringing someone that's missing makes you the subject of a police enquiry?
  5. man...
    i would'nt have even gone home, would be far north.
    and all for that haha
    was the detectives name Clouseau?
  6. Police follow ALL lines of enquiry, that's how crimes get solved (like stolen bikes, for example).

    As long as they're courteous (which they were) and you have nothing to hide (which you didn't) there's no harm done.

    And I'm having a terrific day, last day of school then two wonderful weeks of holidays with the fabulous Mrs Hornet!!!
  7. Poor grammar or not, you clearly didn't read the substance of the post. Perhaps try again.

  8. glass half full?

    jeez, mate. they have to follow up on such things.

    sure enough, with the wrong attitude it would not have been as painless as what the OP has described. go on make t harder, see where it gets you and how much time it wastes.

    i doubt you would have the same opinion if you required the services of the popo.
  9. Is she hot?

    Did you get some?

    Was it a happy ending? =D>
  10. You may not have an accent, but you still went out for Indian food :D.

    Sounds fun mate, at least the experience didn't seem too bad.

  11. Mate if it turns out to be that this bloke wasted not only police time but some of my taxes, I hope they hammer the bastard. You have to feel for the people who get called out and put their own lives on hold and at risk to look for these clowns.

    yup my days been smooth and thanks for asking.
  12. [​IMG]

    I'm on the lookout.
  13. The guy that went 'walk about' just happened to have a helmet for sale on ebay [which I had made an enquiry about] hence the txt messages and calls.
    I was crappin it a bit as it got to a stage where I was 'advised' that if I go to court, and stand in a witness box, the judge will not accept 'I cant remember' as an answer!! THAT freaked me out, I offered lie detector tests etc, as I told them, I got nuthin to hide!! The trigger that promted me about the helmet being for sale was one of the 'D's mentioned the 'seller' [walkabout fella] was in my suburb on the Sat nite as his kids were dancing and I remembered thru the ad on ebay he mentions that sat visits to my suburb means helemt could be viewed in melb otherwise Torquay on the weekdays, just a freay thing to happen thats all.
  14. Yes she IS hot !!
    I got some indian, didnt you read? lol
    Of course a happy ending, tummy full, nice red wine, slept like a baby :)
  15. When I saw the news story [thats as far as I knew of this clown] first thing I said, the wanker haas wasted a couple of days of precious police time, and the amount of resources they called in through the air and ground!! He racked up $200k they want to re coup, reckon he'll either get time or slapped with a fine, either way, a visit to court against ones name isnt good, but as you said, taxes bloody wasted and as mentioned by others the police DO have dot the dots, and cross the T's and makes sure nuthin is left unchecked as thats how the 'crims' get off, they hire someone whos more of a sniffer that finds one little thing that makes it only 99.9999% clear to the judge and they get off.
    I have no gripes with the police, if youre innocent you are, if you're guilty you are, not shades of grey, they check EVERYTHING out!! Plus I wouldnt do their job, not for the money they 'dont' earn.
  16. good to hear it was smooth and you cooperated :)

    people above who are saying that the police went about it the wrong way would think twice if their bike was stolen or had a friend murdered etc. the police follow LEADS (ie, phone calls, diary entries, text messages, emails etc) to get RESULTS, thus, getting your bike back or finding the killer or whatever.
  17. So you are pretty sure he did 'go walkabout' and not 'get 'lost' as he claims?
    How did you form that opinion?

    FWIW I think the cops know something they are not telling us or they wouldn't be putting so much effort into finding something on him.
    But I would still like to know why they didn't even have someone on the search ground at his 'abandoned' car when he found it again and drove himself home...

    Whatever really happened, the cops did end up looking like a bunch of chooks.
  18. since when have the police ever followed up a lead on a stolen bike
  19. many times.

    a few bikes on here have been recovered by police, as well as an old mate of mine had his bike found by the police, of which there was also a thread on here.
  20. ****in' hell, is this a motorcycle site or just a series of threads about people with a pathological hatred of the police?