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C.A.E.S. (City Auto Electrical Services)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Kraven, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Just have to give a recomendation for these guys,
    They are auto electricians who specalise in motorcycle electrics,
    I called them up a few days before their xmas breakup trying to get my bike fixed (Everyone else said not a chance to have it fixed by xmas) so i didn't have to wait until the new year and they said to bring it down even tho they were booked out for the week and they will see what they can do.
    Got a call at the end of the week saying it was ready to be picked up and they had found/fixed the problem for me + they fixed numerous other small problems i had.

    Really friendly customer service (Blokes name is Jack) and they really seem to know their stuff.

    Anyway thats it!, i just wanted to share my positive experience with these guys and i will be defenatly using them for any future electrical problems i have.....i'll stop blabbing on now, there details are below. :?

    C.A.E.S. (City Auto Electrical Services)
    15 Irene st, Coburg, VIC
  2. :cool:

    By the name that sounds like a mob that were once in the famous Eizabeth St Motorcycle district. I've heard others mention them and their good work before.