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Bye everyone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Its been a journey. :) Thanks NR for the trip.

    Time for me to move on. Take care and ride safe. If you need me, contact me on mitchs_4ms_ride@yahoo.com.au

  2. Cheers skuff
  3. It would always be nice, that when people have threads like this, they gave a bit of an explanation as to there leaving.
    It seems as though people want there last hurrah, to see how many people will miss them.
  4. Sounds like a reason to me.
  5. Gee its all happening around here, lot of people going, take care mate with whatever your journy may be :)
  6. I concur Mitch... I think my days on the forum are numbered also.
  7. ....aaaaaand stay out ya mongrel! :p
  8. Well, as they say, "Don't let the door...."
  9. I really hope that Netrider survives........otherwise Hornet and RC36 will try to infect the motorsport sites:eek:hno:
  10. I think it's a conspiricy, first Pro Pilot and now Sir Scuffy:eek:hno:
  11. I don't think pro pilot made a farewell post though...

    thats the way to do it. disappear into thin air and leave everyone guessing.
  12. It would be a brilliant twist of fate if Pro-Pilot was vapourised by a stray solar flare.
  13. i figure his tinfoil-hat acted as a lightning conductor and he was transformed into "Electro-Man!!!"
  14. Farewell mr skuffy - twas entertaining ruining tyres with you. :)
  15. correct me if im wrong but isnt this mitch's 2nd "im leaving" post in the last few years?
  16. He's doing a "Johnny Farnham" on us
  17. He'll come back when he runs out of money???
  18. more like a daft punk.

    ....one more time!!!