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Bye bye Triple R, Hello Tuono V4R!

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by CraigA, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. After promising myself that I would never buy another new bike, I went ahead and did that just yesterday.

    Traded my 2010 Street Triple R on a new 2013 left over Aprilia Tuono V4R.

    While the STR is a great bike, it is the lightest and least powerful bike I have owned in a decade and it just didn't scare me the way I like to be scared every now and then. LOL

    I was at a point where I was debating with myself on whether to throw a couple of $$ at it to do up suspenders, the seat ( man I hate the seat on these) and perhaps a custom tune, or sell and buy something with more power, a better seat and suspenders.

    I have always like the look and sound of the V4 Aprilia and was considering a newish second hand one with a little bit or warranty left. A dealer near by had a 2013 demo for sale. A yellow and black.

    One test ride and I was hooked, but couldn't live with the yellow, particularly the yellow seat which looked old and tired on this demo already at just 1400klm! I was wondering what it would look like in 5 years. So we negotiated on the new black one in the corner. Couldn't come to an agreement on price after a bit of back and forth between the salesman and his boss, so I walked ( as you do when you cant come to an agreeable price). Two hours later the salesman rings and says his boss will now do it for the price I had stopped at. Yay!

    Picking it up on Monday afternoon. I just hope that it doesn't rain for the next week with that cyclone up north. I'm on annual leave at the moment and would really like to spend a bit of time getting better acquainted with my new ride!
  2. Nice! Pictures?
  3. When I pick it up, I can post pics.
  4. Good choice..... Great bike
  5. Nice bike.. However no abs on the 2013?
  6. Nope!
    I have never owned a bike with ABS, so I don't think I am going to miss it too much though.
    It would have been nice I suppose, but having saved a considerable amount of money to buy the '13, I can live with that.

    Now I just need to work out how to break it to the wife.
    This will be my 4th road bike in 5 years. LOL
    I plan on making this one a keeper though!
  7. Congrats on the new bike, tell the missus the same as they do to us, "this old thing I have had for years" or the other "mum gave it to me"
    Can't wait to see pics when you get it.
  8. Not sure how that's going to wash when I have only had the last bike for 10 months Kev. LOL
  9. Nice bike, almost pulled the pin on one myself.

  10. Nice bike mate.

    As a fellow Ape-ist.....you've done well.....very well.
  11. As good a bike the STR is, I think you'll enjoy the Tuono as it's still nimble but significantly more powerful. If I don't gel with an 899, I'll be on a V4r.
  12. Just read a couple of reviews on your new bike. What a beast!

    This quote from Bruno at Cycle world sums it up pretty well LOL.-
    "The Tuono V4 R ABS is awfully fast; down the long main straight (nearly 1 kilometer), I could easily reach 160 mph. At that speed, my chest and shoulders turned into a drag parachute and I held onto the handlebar for dear life, thinking that I might either bend the handlebar into a U or take flight."

    Sounds like that should scare you!
  13. At the very least, I reckon I will have a very healthy respect for it @Bear Arse@Bear Arse. Who am I kidding. It will definitely scare me occasionally. LOL

    @cazzo@cazzo, it really is a nimble little thing and is physically not much bigger than the Streety, although it is more roomy which suits my size. Part of the test ride took me on a windy road up a range with lots of slow tight stuff.
    This bike has so much leverage available through those wide bars making it so easy to turn in and change direction. The chassis is almost intuitive, so sweet. Suspension was quite plush but never wallowed or felt too soft.

    It basically fits the brief of exactly what I want in a road bike. It was love at first ride!
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  14. Great purchase .. from all reports those things are mental :)

    I went from a RSVR to the V Twin Tuono and as you said, the wider bars made turning into corners so much more confidence inspiring

    From all reports, an Ohlins on the back helps a lot, it sure did on mine
  15. Hi CraigA,

    Did you purchase it from the Caloundra Motorad? Let me know how you go with the purchase experience with them as I'm considering purchasing through them for my next bike. They seem to have my short list of bikes there. Just hope they arepatient enough with me to test ride 4 or 5 bikes i like!
  16. No it wasn't Motolife in Caloundra @Grrila@Grrila. I actually test rode a second hand BMW k1300R on Thursday there so can PM you with my experience for the test ride if you like.
    They are no longer the Aprilia dealer in my area. Sunstate now seems to have that again after losing it a few years back to Motolife, but Sunstate had no 2013 stock or a demo for sale, so I travelled further south. I initially travelled to the dealer I ended up purchasing from to test ride and potentially buy there 2013 demo, but as I said earlier, couldn't live with the yellow.

    Are you eyeing off a BMW , a Benelli TNT or a Bimota? That's what Motolife stock at the moment.
  17. Yep k1300r, s1000r, tnt, and leaning towards s1000rr and panigale. I feel like I should get a super sport before I get too old but love the comfortable position on a naked.

    What did you think of the k1300r and what swayed you to the v4r? I sat on the k1300r and kinda liked it. Didn't feel as heavy as it looked or the spec sheet suggested. Did it feel heavy on the road and corners?
  18. #18 CraigA, Apr 13, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2014
    The V4r handles like a sports bike but its comfy enough to ride a lot further than a typical sports bike. Despite the fact that I had high hopes for it, the K1300R that I rode did not handle too well at all.
    It was heavy and hard to turn and wouldn't hold a line once on its side. Straight line it was a hoot, but so is the V4R.
    Of course that could be because they sent me out with under inflated tyres. The bike may be a real gem but my impression of that bike in the condition it was given to me was not too complimentary. And if they couldn't be bothered, with two days notice of me coming to test ride it, to actually check that the bike was in good running order, I wonder how they think they may sell it?
  19. Nice one, mate. Enjoy—if you live beyond sharing the news at home! :p
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  20. Very very nice.. Well done on getting the deal done.

    Enjoy her.

    Cheers Jeremy