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Bye Bye Tony Abbott

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Depends on the tone too, because shit does happen, and you are talking to a soldier, not a fellow politician. Havent looked to see if they show im saying it or not.

    Hopefully they take him and crocodile tears julia too.
  2. nothing to admire about Abbott, but that's channel 7 news.
    so it's just total crap, basically
    for all we know he could have said that in diferent footage for an entirely unrelated matter
  3. Shit does happen, turning this man's sacrifice into a political football disgusts me.
  4. Looks like its been edited for sensationalism.
    I don't like Abbot either but I hate most news services even more.
  5. Seems to be a pretty standard thing for the Australian mass-media. If nothing exciting's happening in politics then dig into you can find something that can be blown out of all proportion for a short ratings/sales boost.

    Politicians love this sort of crap to. It's a lot easier to dig up dirt on your opposition than come up with actual policies.
  6. Oh Goz your labour arent you :)
  7. Personally I don't see it as a big deal. It will likely loose him a couple of percent of vote and that's enough to shift away from the current hung (ish) parliament should an election be called any time soon. I doubt he'll get trounced as a result of this and I doubt his leadership is in danger (unfortunately).
  8. So sending human killing machines to killing zones results in killings?

    Cause and effect, not shit happens.
  9. It was a setup by channel 7, Abbot said what he did in context. In hindsight it may not have been the right thing to say considering he is not a soldier and maybe should have not partaken in "soldier speak" but in the general parlance at the time in that place it was not insensitive at all and should not be taken that way.
    When he was ambushed by that reporter I thought Abbot was gonna deck him, his reaction was priceless.
  10. I see it as a bit insensitive, but I don't expect politicians to be faultless either. Still it goes to a body of evidence that Abbott isn't a nation leading politician.
  11. I meant it was not meant to be insensitive in the context of the talk between him and the officer.
    How others take it is up to them.
  12. Sorry there was nothing out of context about it, it was dod footage not edited etc even when Abbott said it was taking out of context and then asked how so he didn't have an answer and just stood there like a stunned mullet.

    Sorry but it doens't matter what his audience or who he is talking to when an Aussie digger has just been killed and you are talking about that operation at no time is saying "shit happens" an acceptable way to sum it up.

    Lets be clear here, at the time this footage was taken Aussie troops wrote an email saying they felt they lacked heavy fire support, Abbott is talking to the US commander in charge of said operation and rather then ask pointed questions about that issue he decides to say "shit happens" yep that's awesome work.. Way to make it clear to the US commander how he feels about our diggers concerns.

    shit does happen, but this is not how someone that wants to be PM behaves or reacts after one of our lads has just been killed. Pathetic...
  13. Nope, don't vote, don't care, hate them all
  14. Oh, THAT'S Tony Abbott...

    Looks like a wingnut.
  15. Top answer mate, ballot paper is a great place to practice your drawing skills doesnt it?
  16. Looking at the footage, it's absolutely clear that Abbott was referring to the mistakes that the US commander has just admitted to. Not the death. Abbott is entirely correct to claim that the comment is out of context. I'd go as far as to say that the reporter and news editor responsible for re-assigning that comment to the death have committed an act of cruelty toward the bereaved family.

    Abbott may have lost what grudging respect I had for him recently, but not for this.
  17. So much incompetence -- both the initial comment and his handling of it during the initial media ambush. But don't worry it's all OK because he's a "real person". :roll:
  18. Was the comment itself insensitive? I don't think so.

    Is the fact that the news programs keep going on about it insensitive?Definitely.
  19. I loathe Abbott - but in this instance, when you look at the overall conversation it's a fair comment.

    I can't work out how the public can expect to go to war and not take casualties. Each individual one is tragic but they will occur - in this case it appears that nothing more could be done to avoid the casualty so basically, what else can you say.

    It was his reaction of standing there like a stunned mullet that makes it clear that he's not really able to think on his feet.