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Bye, bye, Sete, again.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Now, another dark day for the series, as Sete Gibernau's Grupo Francisco Hernando team has just announced that they will be pulling out of MotoGP with immediate effect. The reasons given for the withdrawal are unsurprising - the global financial crisis - but the announcement came as a shock to Sete Gibernau. In the press release, the Spanish veteran stated "The person most surprised by this decision was me. Everyone in the team worked hard to keep the project on track. On a personal level, it was a brave gamble, taken with the hope of building a successful project which would achieve targets we had set for ourselves as each Grand Prix passed.".

    That leaves 18 on the grid. One more gone and DORNA is in strife. 17 is the minimum.

  2. That fact that Sete was having a pretty average season may have had something to do with it. I don't think we will see him in MotoGP again.
  3. Sete has been a non event for yonks. When Valentino retires I will only watch highlights and no longer look forward to the race :(
  4. Poor old Giblets.
    At least he wasn't an armchair racer, and had a go as an old coot ;)
  5. Sete's team was being financed from a central African repbublic dictatorship. Surprised they can't find the money somewhere....
  6. Barry Sheene said it best. "When you retire, you do it in your mind. You should never try to come back."
  7. Unfortunately all the Nigerian scammers were caught leading to the demise of the team :rofl:
  8. So I heard too. I hope that all of the workers were paid in full.
  9. According to the MotoGP website, 17 starters for tonight's race.

    What if one of them crashes on the warmup lap. Can they start with 16?

    Anyway, whoever regulates this class will undoubtedly waive the rules if it does drop to less than 16.
  10. Yes, you are correct. I failed to take into account the fact that Team Scot is back to a 1 bike team with the departure of Takahashi.

    The magic number of 17 relates to how many are entered as official entrants (as distinct from how many front the grid for an actual race.)

    But, should the number drop below the 17, (if a team folds or, as is predicted, Suzuki pull out in 2010), then DORNA is in lots of trouble.

    And, if I can expand upon this a little.

    It seems unlikely that the Hayate/Kawasaki debacle will continue anywhere past the end of this year, so that's another one gone for 2010.

    It is extremely unlikely that DORNA will be able to raise the numbers by prevailing upon the existing manufacturers to increase their commitment either.

    Honda presently supplies 6 bikes. Yamaha supplies 4 and Ducati supplies 4. It is to be hoped that they continue to maintain that number, but, given the general belt-tightening that has been taking place due to the GEC, this is by no means certain.

    If Suzuki WERE to pull out, that would leave a MotoGp grid of 14 bikes in 2010.

    To give that a more concrete perspective, that would mean a 4 and 2 thirds row grid layout for the first race of 2010.

    Something to think/worry about.
  11. What would encourage the manufacturers to continue their presence in GP racing?

    What about a return to 990cc engines, fewer electronic aids and so on? Surely, to get an 800cc engine to perform the way that it does it must cost more bucks than to have a larger engine with less development?

    Whatever, yeah, it does make you worry.
  12. What would DISCOURAGE them is to think of the advertising and marketing/sales returns that they presently get from WSBK at a fraction of the cost!
  13. I am pretty sure if the formula was simple, Dorna would be doing it now.

    MSMA effectively wrote the current regulations and the MSMA is swayed a lot by Honda. The FIM, unlike the FIA, seems to take a back seat role (as they should) and the series promoter and major stakeholders seem to dictate the rules. As such, the MSMA and Dorna are very much in control of their sports direction.
  14. We want the 500's back.