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bye bye P's - hello SIMDSY

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tiggers, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    As of the 8th of December I was able to (legally) remove that red P and move to an unrestricted license.

    Took the sprint for its first run on Sunday morning up to west head for a getting to know you run. She's a beaut, plenty of torque throughout and a pleasure to ride!

    On the ride back through church point encountered a SMIDSY, thank god for superb brakes.

    Heading down past the one of the marinas in the left hand lane and there is a big black merc 4 x 4 indicating to turn right across my lane. Slowed down cover the brakes an lo and behold at 5 metres from him he turned in front of me.

    Couldn't believe that this numpty hadn't seen me that close - hit the brakes and pulled up with plenty of room. The guy pulled in to a parking spot and tried ignore the fact that he'd caused me to stop.

    We had a brief conversation when I pulled over, and of course I asked him if he needed glasses.....to which he relpied "sorry mate I didn't see you"

    What a TW@T

  2. Shoulda said in reply "Sorry mate, didn't HEAR you!" & thumped his window!
  3. We should all carry SMIDSY stickers and mark the offenders cars.
  4. You've got my vote if you ever run for prime minister (y)
  5. bit like those my family stickers......could call them 'you nearly ****ed my family'
  6. I saw a sticker on a ute the other day, and it resembled those family stickers, but had one person giving the bird, and beside it said something like, 'I don't give a F@#K who's in your family'.
  7. "That's ok mate, no worries, I might not see one of your kids playing on the footpath when I'm driving the garbage truck."
  8. If you're riding around expecting cars to see you, then you're doing it wrong. You should be riding like you're invisible at all times.
  9. I rode home down McCarrs Creek Rd last week and at Pasadena (Church Point) had some numb-nut do a U-turn right in front of me... FFS, it's a blind corner! I am always weary of cagers doing silly things once you get to the marinas on Pittwater Rd.
  10. Is there a SMIDSY sticker??
  11. .... Who is "SIMDSY"??.....:-k
  12. That's pretty much where it was....had already slowed down soon as I saw him. If I had it would have been a different story.
  13. ha ha ha yes yes...