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bye bye License

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kyro_02, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. .. hmm so anyways.. as some might know I did my P's bike test yesterday...

    That same night.. I lost my license in one HIT (LAST NIGHT) .. actually, to tell you the truth.. I haven't lost it yet.. I am getting summoned to court for 3 charges, wreckless driving, careless driving, number plate was hidden by a maccas fries packet that I did not even know!

    but what I did was stupid.. and funny thing is.. that night I kept telling my mates.. I wanna go home.. they're like nah lets go maccas and shit.. so we went to maccas.. then they're like lets for for a quick cruise.. so I did.

    driving my mates car, went down a back street, being wet and all.. finished my demo and mates are all like cops cops!! .. not going to say anything else until court. he didn't mention anything about impoundment or anything.. i guess they can't impound a vehicle when its wet lol?

    cop said if I plead guilty I will probably only get 1-3 months, but I am going to speak to legal aid and see if I can get any charges dropped(I've never been in trouble with the law, never had a ticket for anything). cop could have got me for everything.. more than just the 3 charges. but he was good, wasn't lecturing me (thankfully).

    all I can say is.. a few weeks back I said if I get done for anything, i hope i lose my license because i need to break the habit. this is definitely a wake up call.
  2. Yep, cops dont seem to lenient on the ol dorifto these days! Good luck!
  3. you try and convince the court the car was the one out of control and you were only truing to calm it down? :grin:
  4. lol best bet for me would be to try get leniency or stat dec (when i get a job, from boss)

    also anyone know if i lose my license on the bike for say.. 3 months.. will i have to wait another 3 months extra to get off my restrictions?

    so say.. i have 12 months now, in 3 months time after losing my license.. will I have to do the 12 months all again, or it will be down to 7 months?

    hope that is easy to understand lol

  5. Forget leniency because you have a letter from your boss.

    Yes you will need to tack on a further period to your restrictions once you get your ticket back.
  6. keywords - "wet stuff" and "huffy" ;)
  7. I'm in one m'f'n grumpy mood, so I'm gonna come right out and say it. I f'in hate pricks who drift their cars in the wet on suburban back streets, and you deserve what's coming to you. I live on a crescent, and we get f'in dickwads drifting their cars about the place whenever it rains, losing control on occasion, and taking out various bits of street furniture. All it takes is for someone to be in the wrong place in the wrong time walking along the footpath, and they'll get cleaned up, 'cos f*ck knows the idiots that drift aren't 100% in control.

    If you're going to do it, take it away from houses, properties and people, and then I could care less, and heck, might even have some sympathy for you. Do it on my suburban back-street, and I'll be first in line to tie the hangman's noose to string you up. :evil:
  8. I must be in the same mood as you - I agree with every sentiment. There's a street behind my house where fcukheads do this in the wet all the time and I'm fcuking sick of it. Not to mention the late teen "legends" in daddy's Falcon that do doughnuts in my court late at night :roll: If I ever get a license plate I'll be doing my best to see these cars impounded by the cops. Find somewhere more appropriate if you want to shred your tyres. :evil:
  9. [​IMG]
    calm down stew, and have a few of these [​IMG].

    well said though ;)
  10. Man, I'm so glad I grew up in the country. Plenty of wide open spaces where all you had to worry about was the moving trees and the odd kangaroo or two :LOL:

    My sister lives in Roxburgh Park and had a similar f/wit lose it next to her house. Lucky they had a tree out the front which jumped in front of his car or he would have ended up through their fence. No sympathy here either unfortunately. :mad: It particularly pisses me off when they do it when my kids are nearby :evil:
  11. What amazes me kyro is you have stressed and stressed about the License test for your motorbike and go and blow it in one night.
  12. Have to agree, suburban streets are not the place for this sort of thing.
    You got caught, just plead guilty and be honest and remorseful (if you are).
    What is it these days? When we wanted to do this sort of thing when I was younger, we'd go find an industrial/quiet area a long way from anyone.It saves you getting a bad name, and teh police usually don't bother you if you are out of the way.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I totally agree with everything that Stew said.

    I know Kyro didn't get his car impounded though it sounds more like luck than anything else. But (and you knew there'd be one of these)....if Kyro was doing this on his bike and his bike got impounded we'd be up in arms and crying foul about civil liberties...

    As the others said, it's bloody great fun when it's someone else's street. Even industrial estates get close to housing developments nowadays so they're not a good place a lot of the time either. I think I'm just getting old :(
  14. Pretty much what they ^ all said.
    If you wanna play, go do it where you're not gonna take out someones fence / parked car / kids etc. Oh and somewhere where you're not gonna get a brick through yer windscreen as well :shock:

    ..... I know I'm getting old.... :grin:
  15. Shit! Now thats a side of Stewy we dont get to see to often. :LOL: :bolt:

    That shit was fun for me when I was in my early 20's. Long time ago
    now. [​IMG]

    I'm there with ya CJ. [​IMG]
  16. im inclined to disagree. look at the post about the guy who did a stopppie at some lights. certainly less dangerous than doughies/drifting in a suburban street, the criticism he got from many many people in this forum proves the contrary to what you suggest.

    how many people can do doughies on a motorbike in the rain???
  17. meh i don't care, i will plead guilty .. and it was 2am.. what kid is going to be out at that time? and although 'losing' traction is legally not in control, i can tell you i was far from out of control.. im just your average driver, no hero. im not talkion an ordinary back street, it was a big big intersection in the backstreet, so it'll be hard it hit anything.. but that's beside the point.. what I did was wrong, and I know it!! im glad I got caught sooner than later .. now I can learn from my mistakes.. and break the goddamn habit of mine (not that I do it everytime i get in a car, but it's the odd occasion.) and not a healthy one, i'll have to blame the car load I had .. damn peer pressure haha!

    I'm going to try cut a deal .. perhaps 3 months and a big arse fine, i'll be happy with that.

    just a note: This was done in a CAR not a BIKE

    I was stressing over my BIKE license test.. it was a 50/50 chance if I was to get it, well it was actually easier than I thought. but anyway, now that I have my bike license.. It won't expire like the L's would if I had lost my L's as well. :) so that is why if I lose my (car, bike , boat) licenses, I don't care, i'll get 'em back in the end. :)
  18. Ahh well, you're were a tool for doing it, and it has come back and bitten you in the arse.

    Consider yourself lucky that no one was hurt and that no property etc was damaged.
  19. Good luck kyro_02 :wink:

    Keep the thread up-to-date. [​IMG]
  20. byo lube for the pineapple they are about to ram into you.