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NSW bye bye license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rat man407, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. lost my license for doing 120km overtaking a car that was trying to kill me not really fair but life's a biatch anyway just had to get it off my chest the copper was pretty nice only did me for 30kms over instead of 40km and gave me a warning for my missing l plate but lesson learn i guess some of us have to learn the hard way

    p.s to all the retards that think it will not happen to them it will one day so just watch your self
  2. Where should we watch ourselves, exactly?
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  3. how was the car in front trying to kill you?

    in hiindshight wouldn't you have been better backing off and still having a license?
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  4. Sucks to lose your license... but I agree with what Mick said.
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  5. You should have gone for 136km/h. That's twice the speed of invisibilty. Copper wouldn't have seen ya.
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  6. Enlighten me, because I must be stupid - How is overtaking a driver that wants to kill you a wise decision.. I mean.. Seriously? You thought the best place to be at that point in your life was in the path of said car?? :-s

    You're statement implies that all riders will eventually get caught breaking the law... nice attitude...
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  7. 120 in an 80 zone on your L's ? Mate really....
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  8. Bahaha, defensive much?

    Never happened (and I've been chased at 65-over -the-limit by someone who was DEFINITELY gonna knock me off my little Spada...), and never gonna happen either.

    Any questions?
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  9. While i'm not exactly innocent of overtaking cars at speed, if the car in front on me was driving so incompetently that i thought my life was at risk i wouldn't want to be near them whether I'm in front or behind.

    On several occasions i have pulled over and had a stretch and got some fresh air because of cars choosing to tailgate me or wandering all over the road with fluctuating speed.

    And when i do overtake i make sure i have a bloody good look around to make sure the other road users and the police won't cause me grief.
  10. L's limited to 80.
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  11. Sucks mate. Oh well, more time to upset some of the petals here then?

    How long you off for?
  12. I call BS, everyone knows it's 138kph.

  13. Strange how part of me wants to say "Unlucky mate" and another part of me wants to slap you over the head and call you an idiot..
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  14. Lol. thanks, I needed that :rofl:
  15. Another retard off the road - sweet!!
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  16. Is it, in SA it's 100. Limiting drivers to 80 is positively dangerous, that means you are driving at 20kph less than the traffic around you on a highway, what einstein thought that up?
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  17. i would have thought you would have been shot or put in jail for that as a learner.
  18. used to be 80 here in SA but that was ages ago, no idea when actually.
    yeah that must suck on a group wtf do you do with that ?
  19. What's your favourite colour?
  20. Oh no they don't.