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bye bye L plates, welcome full license!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mcm, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Big thanks to everyone on Saturday mornings and other Learner rides.
    The license test is not hard indeed, as everyone said, however ... it wasn't hard because of the hours and effort put in on Saturday mornings doing the cones and emergency breaking without which I would not have been able to pass with flying colours.
    I reckon the hardest thing to overcome during the test is the nerves part which only comes with practice which in turn breeds confidence.
    I am glad I found this site and the forums have been a great source of information about cornering, breaking etc.

  2. Congrats SS! The Saturday sessions really helped me to pass easily as well.
  3. Congrats SS. Some find the riding & practice easy until the word 'TEST' rears its ugly head!!!

  4. Well done SS!! it sure is a good feeling to get rid of those bloody yellow plates :+)
  5. congrats SS
  6. congrats, practicing a lot helped me too. Passed easily.
  7. :woot:

    Hi-ho silver!!! Well done.
  8. Story of my life :p.

    Congrats mate :). Jealous of all these people with bikes :(. :nopity:
  9. Congrats on getting rid of the yellow label. :) Where did you take the test?
  10. Well done mate. A bit less yellow down there this Saturday (again).
  11. I did it at Sandown with Ride-Tek, same as the L plates
  12. Congrats SS and great meeting you on Saturday. I didn't realise you'd be doing your test so soon, well done!