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Bye bye L plate

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wolfmother, May 22, 2007.

  1. I did it I passed my P's today.
    The rear end of my bike looks soooo much better now that the half chewed out L plate is gone. It was going one way or another.
    No more test's to do but a lot of learning to look forward to.
    Big thanks to my missus Mariel, D.E.C.A., Wolfmother for the songs l sing in my helmet, Al , Matt for the K.F.C. runs to Yarra, and my beutiful GPX 250, and also to the great people on the Netrider forum for all of the good advice.
    See you out on the road.

  2. Congrats WM, it's a great feeling. Now to put everything you have learnt into practise and to keep on learnin' :grin:
  3. Congrats, good luck with the next 12 months wait!!
  4. Nice work. I got rid of mine today also. No thanks to the Hyo though. :mad:
  5. congrats on the licence, enjoy and learn!
  6. Congratulations to both of you. Stay safe and keep learning :grin:
  7. Nice work

    I have a GPX 250 as well and I go for my P's on Friday

    Hopefully no more L's here as well
  8. Nice work Wolfmother...

    I've still got another two months before I can sit/ride my P test. What should I be practicing?
  9. Congrats to you that have passed & good luck Shakows for Friday.

    Don't know about Vic but in NSW you can download from the RTA site the MOST riding test....at least will give you a bit of a heads up on what to practice & expect.
  10. Congrats wolfmother, btw your somewhat of a local... Im from Leeton NSW but im down in Yarrawonga around every month or atleast every second month... considering doing a course before going for my p's at DECA as well :cool:
  11. Leeton Hey!!
    I gotta pass thru there next thursday on my regional run!
  12. Thanks all.
    The things to practice would be emergency stops and the emergency swerves. All the tests are done between 20 - 25kph.
    But as long as you have done plenty of riding and feel comfortable on the bike you should be fine. And do the full day course, it's fun and you learn a lot more the just turning up to do the test. Our instructor had us doing a lot of curves and weaving in and out of cones.[/quote]
  13. Hi Wolf

    Did you did do the test on the GPX? Do you have to do a cone weave and then a U-Turn as part of the P's test in Vic

    I passed by my P's, in NSW, on Friday, Woo Hoo, but found the U-Turn difficult.

    I had practiced it for 30 minutes a couple of days earlier and could do it 90% of the time. But during the test I put my foot down, but it was my only mistake, so no Big Deal
  14. Congrats guys. Just a tip here, if your p plate breaks which most do just glue 2 of them together with 5 minute araldite, it worked for me.
  15. Congrats on the P's Shakows. Yep l did my P's on the mighty GPX, and no in Vic we have to do a curve test and a hazard test which involves a set of lights where we have to do two sudden stop's and a swerve left and right. The stops and swerves are all random.
    I dont have to display P plates because l have held my drivers license for 11 years now. I am only 29 and thats not old is it?
  16. Yeah the brake tests and swerves were easy, my GPX easily outbrakes the course's CB250's and I could do the whole test in 1st gear :grin:

    The instructor was very happy with my braking :)

    Even though the cones and U-turn was difficult it saved the $125 for renting one their bikes, so I am glad I did