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Bye bye hobart....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. So long and thanks for all the fish!!! After my life grinding to hell laced routine over the last few month... Ive finaly cracked :roll: and now I am officaly resigned form my job giving two ish weeks notice and Packing to GO TO THE GOLDCOAST!!
    \:D/ :tantrum: \:D/ sun glorius sun..

    So to all my hobart ride friends and the guy's at joes damn.... we are going to have to have :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :roll: :tantrum:

    Oh this is BIKE related as I will be bringing the triumph to brisbane / goldcoast in the back of a truck :driver:

  2. that's an exciting move dude, have you lined up a job or place to live?

    mmmm i'm somewhat jealous, living in QLD for a bit is a goal of mine. just like you i can't resist the prospect of fun in the sun.
  3. Geez that's quite a change of scenery! Tas -> Qld.

    Hope it works out for ya mate!
  4. It'll be nice to have a quiet beer at Joe's and not have to suffer the saga of the latest Triumph-won't-go-because :)

    All the best in banana-bending country - and when was it you were having that last drink (or 16)?
  5. Are you driving up or flying?

    If you're driving and coming through Canberra, let me know. :grin:

    Otherwise, congratulations, and hope the :beer: gets you :beer:
  6. No more cold rides for you then. You will be trying to get some breeze thru your jacket just to cool off.

    Good luck Zac. In a few years your turn into a bronzed Gold coast property developer with a yacht and a waterfront property! :LOL:
  7. Hey, can I have your job then? :) I spent a couple of days in Hobart last month, and I absolutely loved the place. If the employment situation there was better, I could see myself living there quite easily. Even the cold didn't bother me much, though that was probably thanks to the horrible winter we had in Sydney this year - Tasmania didn't seem any worse...
  8. slyfox: when it comes to sun its a love hate relationship.... I go from white to tan to lobster in...opps its passed alovera time.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I will have to talk to teh family for a job... .. but
    oi back in you box bottom feeder :LOL: nah i will definatley be missing your wisend grisled aged shabby council... of you Stattler and Waldorf and matt!!

    well i havent decided but it will definatley be coming to a friday near you...

    soja... i'm most probably driving either a truck or car but i have to look into moving so i may hire a truck or get all our gear moved up to a place on teh goldcoast and then go nuts... but if i'm passing through I'll let you know ahead of time...

    HAHAHAH AHAH... not likey... but i will be happier at least...
  9. We'll have the shindig to see you off at Joes ! WooHoo..
    Sorry to see you go....I'm jealous coz you will be enjoying the nice weather!
  10. ahhh gorn.. ya can't hack it canya, eh.. eh?
    can't hack the rain, snow, drizzle, southerlies, ice, gravel, potholes......
    err... ummm.... DAMN!

    Oh well, like the scum sucker says, no more trumpy war stories... dunno if I'm gunna enjoy the guzzi wont lean stories instead tho :?
    Farewell drinks.. another excuse for imbibing :cool:

    OI!! TG, why did you nick off so early last night :mad: was just gunna intro you to Mel, turned around and you'd buggered orf!

    I know.. feed the dog.. feed yer Dad... always the excuses :p

    JJ (I'm soooo much in trouble..........)
  11. where abouts are you moving to and do we need to have a welcome party/ride? :)

  12. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    He needs to answer that?

    Does a brown bear poop in the forest? :-k

    Is the Pope catholic :-k

    Of Course you use the occasion as an excuse for a party/ride... (even if he's moving to cape york and your in currumbin)
  13. yeah some parts of the road have the same character as a gunns slash and burn operation... plus you characters on the road... and I will miss having twisties five minutes from my door... :(

    the lawyer or the bottom feeder? :oops:
    War... no mate its love no matter how bad it gets I will always love my bike... and my Girl!!1... :oops: yeah that was close...

    I have to take it to turn one and see charlie.... but I may wait till i have a few more funds after a couple of months and ride to melb and get him to do a full fluid, shims and efi check....

    yep i warned my girl i will be getting severly drunk on a number of occasions over the next two weeks.

    HHHAHahha you been told before jj... TG over easy so we can put him thru the dishwasher !!!

    tanyathecheeky ?? you had better cheeky otherwise i may go into the dt's form lack of stiring... after getting and giving a certain level of stick form the muppets etc I wont know how to act around "normal people" :LOL:

    Yes I will need a place to get drinks with company plus a ride... but I have a girl tio think about and she will be crabby arse by the time we get there, plus registering the bike...

    but it looks like my final day at semf is on the friday of the 8th... so close so much to organise so little time... oh well....
  14. Listen Waldorf....you know my dog comes first! And yeah..I had to get home...I didn't tell my dad I would be stopping at Joes!! You walked past me to the bar..so i thought it was private discussion night!

    Back in yer box...with the other grumpy muppet! :LOL:
  15. :grin: :eek: :eek: WHAPISH!!!! told... :p
  16. well, it was a private discussion to start wiv, but I wanted you two to meet, I mean you both have absolutely no taste by owning a honda.
    (and you both know me :LOL: )

    besides, you had those two blokes hanging on every word, thoroughly enraptured they were (or they were just plain drunk :shock: )

    ward.. scum sucking bottom dwellers (aka bottom feeders) ARE lawyers, no difference.

    ain't that right wobbegong?
  17. :LOL: :LOL:
    We can't help knowing you...you're like a silent fart..hard to get rid of.. :LOL: :LOL:
    That's right..2 blokes hanging on my every word...it's all part of my evil plan to....no wait....that would be telling... :twisted: :LOL:
    Actually, one was the English guy who came to coffee on Mon..I keep taking him out to bars.. :LOL: he prolly just wants to be left alone, but I perservere :LOL:
    The other guy is one I met last Bike night when I went to Joes on my own. You know he has a ZX9R that is 6 yrs old and only done 7,000kms? :shock:
    It's just a baby...almost virginal...I plan to change that.. :twisted: :LOL:

    And yes...I'm talking about the bike.......don't make me HHEEYYAA you now! :grin:
  18. well I had better get in touch with Matt over friday the 8th... YES FRIDAY THE 8TH!!!!! will most probably be the going away drinks night with friends... but may just turn up to ike night one last time on monday...

    I wonder if matt reads this forum... oh well... Looks like I cant get a truck here in tas to drive to bris so I'm going to be pricing bike transport from melb. If its more expensive than riding it up then I'll do it myself...
  19. Friday the 8th is farewell drinkies night ..?

    Great! :grin: I'll be there in a taxi!! Look out!

  20. Now were talking :LOL: 'bout time you came out of your shell :p :p
    Certainly am an Old Fart, dunno about the silent bit tho :wink:

    noooooo! Not Friday the 8th.. I'll be in sheffield!! :facepalm: and I think Techno and family will be heading to sydney that night...

    I wanna see TG get sh1t-faced and fall all over the place :beer:

    Thursday 7 would be good, mot working the 8th