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Bye Bye Christine......

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thetramp64, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. So Vicpol has a new chief hombre.
    The old one won't be missed from what I hear.
    Lets see if Mr Overland can get a better job done and not be quite so devisive.

  2. I hear a lot about this 'divisive' and how Christine 'softened' up the force.

    I call BS.

    The police force is NOT run for the benefit of its members. It's a body that has exceptional powers to arrest and deprive people of their liberty. It has shown that a fair few of its employees are not exactly squeaky clean. It has suffered from corruption that pre-dates the arrival of Christine that stretches as far alleged collusion with senior members of gangs that has led to allegations of murder.

    The vice squad and drugs squads were riddled with corrupt coppers. I believe another unit was disbanded due to serious issues with corruption. ALL of these units were created, manned and run by the previous administrations.

    Nixon was bought in explicitly to change the culture of the organisation, with specific reference to her experience with the removal of corruption and corrupt practices from the NSW police.

    If the 'divisive' policies has led to the removal or leaving of police officers who somehow think that they are above the law, then I am a happy man. Police perform their job with the consent of the public. The antics of Mullet, Ashby and Co reinforce the opinion that there are a fair few senior officers who still think that they are somehow apart for their community.
  3. Wasn't the main controversy that she was lowering entrance requirements for females to get into what can be a very physically demanding job; which can place fellow officers in danger?
  4. I have a female friend who can categorically testify that the entrant requirements are not being lowered.

    Policing is a lot more than just physical. There are a lot more ways to handle someone than simply beating them.

    And what's the point of having incredibly strict physical entrance requirements and no re-testing? Or are only new entrants required to chase suspects down?

    I am sure she caused dissent amongst the old guard. Mission achieved if they then left.

    There were complaints when she marched with gay and lesbian officers in a pride march. Comments about the 'pinkification' of the force were made by shock jocks and trash tabloids, but the fact is that there are gay and lesbian officers both in the force and the community. She was asked to march with them and she wanted to show support for her officers. Seeing as the gay and lesbian community often sees the police as against them, it was a good move, both for her members and the community that she was there.

    As I said, policing is a lot more than just catching baddies and beating them up.
  5. Probably nothing will change.
  6. Yep, it's about hiding in the bushes in camouflage gear to catch the occasional speeding motorcyclist
    It's about paying out hundreds in compensation to political protesters for doing their job
    It's about an increase in street crime.
    It's about many many other negative perceptions we have of today's business plan type police SERVICE.
  7. ALL of which is a government policy.

    Camo cops. Focus from government and the hysterical 'Speed Kills' campaigns.

    Compensation. Force lawyers deciding on the evidence presented to them whether a claim for compensation would win if it went to court.

    Street Crime. This seems to be an increase in drunken street crime. Hardly surprising with the focus on alcohol as a requirement to have a good time and the concentration of licensed premises within the CBD.

    As for the 'we' in your statement, everything I've seen of VicPol in the 13yrs I was in Victoria tells me that I prefer the way it is to the way it was.
  8. If ms nixon had to chase some one older than 2 years old they would surely escape,I always considered her as a bad example of the police and with her physical fitness i doubt the standards could be too high unless theres double standards for officers and seperate ones for cadets :wink:
  9. So she was a yes woman and not an innovator.
    Government sets the policy the police chiefs decide how to enforce it.
    My cousin became an officer for 5 years under Nixon and hated the watered down powers they had to contend with.
    He subsequently quit the farce.
  10. I hope the door doesn't hit her on the way out, but jams her bloody fingers in it!
  11. See, I'm fascinated by these comments. What experience do you have of her (not the Police per se) that makes you form this opinion.
  12. Today's police SERVICE is her legacy.
  13. we GET IT, you want us to NOTICE, that the police are no longer a FORCE.
  14. Again, I don't get this. What is so wrong with the concept of a service? They're funded entirely by the public for the protection of the public. What is so great about the use of the word 'force' that makes it so good.

    The vast majority of public are law abiding and respectful of the police. We don't need a 'Force'.
  15. They used to "force" me into the back of the Van.

    Now they "service" me into the back of the Van.
  16. as long as they aren't servicing you in the back of the van I'm fine with that
  17. R-i-i-ight. Sheltered, much?
  18. My first hand experience is that of 4 family members in the "service."
  19. So........go on, explain? Explain how being a 'force' or a 'service' affects the ability of an officer to perform their duties.

    So far, all I've seen here is a bunch of people complaining about nothing in particular. No one can provide any reason or justification for their viewpoint other than repeating what they've heard other people say.
  20. I gave you my point in this and the other thread about her performance.
    she sux dogs balls ok?
    she was shit
    that's all you seem to be reading so I have to simplify it for you since you choose to ignore the finer points.
    read the other thread.