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By jove, I think I pulled a wheelie!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, May 17, 2007.

  1. :shock:
    Coming home from work today, tools all queued up in the merging lane. Everyone started moving, so I went around into the fast lane (100 km/h zone) and accelerated. Was a rolling acceleration from about 10-20 km/h.
    Didn't think much of it, just accelerated hard to get clear of the dopey buggers. Front felt light as it usualy does, but the handlebars felt a bit lghter than usual.
    Anyway, shifted into second and felt a thud/slight twitch in the handlebars about a second later, also felt it through the bike.
    Anyway, that was my first official wheelie! It wasn't a stand on the pegs. look through the screen wheelie, but there must have been air under there for a few seconds!
    Didn't think the GTR had it in her! I have respect for the old girl now!

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. I pulled an unexpected wheelie in a gpx250. I only pulled up a touch. THen i let it drop back down, didn't want to drop a bike i was taking for a test ride. :twisted:
  3. Ya f*cken hoon typhoon :p
  4. LOL @ subject line...

    Did you feel the gentle call of the inner hooligan?
  5. Jolly good show. Now shorten the gearing and do it more often :!:
  6. I still have to take my bike round to Loz one day to see if he can pull "a neat crap wheelie" on my bike. He could do it on a CD250U so I assume he could do it on the SRX. I'm not that brave yet. :LOL:

    However, I did pull an accidental stoppie the other day which wasn't very impressive but did prevent me form landing on a Commodore's boot on the Monash :grin:
  7. its when you throttle on hard out of an interstion (turning left) to get out before the queue of speeding cagers coming down the street, and the bars turn freely in your hands and your facing the traffic island, you start to think holy sh!t get back down
  8. Whenever I dump the clutch on my GT250R I just get wheelspin... I don't know what else to do. I am thinking it is my rubber, it is too shitty to grip enough to throw the front up.
  9. lol, i had my uni text books in a bag on my rack on the GS500 and managed to pull a wheelie off with that extra weight... took me by surprise though :LOL:
  10. See what living in Canberra has done to Andrew? There's no hope for him now; keep the little old ladies off the streets and dust of the anti-hoon laws :p :LOL:.
  11. Try with less rpm. And try it whilst you're going along.
  12. Wish I had the power to do a power mono like that! :(
  13. +1

    "Oh Marjory?! I do believe some devilishly fun one wheel action happened yesterday, pass the tea? As I was saying: I spot on pulled quite the crumpet of a mono down the motorway on the south side of Mr Jameson's hedge.
    It was positively brillo, dear.

    Now, how about some toast with jam, and lets not have sex for a few months.

    Oh fab."
  14. What about:

  15. I managed on the CBR....boy did I crap myself :oops:

    Like yourself, wasn't that high, and I was taking off at the lights with some prickle behind me who was annoying me earlier, still enough for the adrenaline to kick in though. After that subsided, I ended up in a fit of giggles riding the rest of the way to work :p
  16. The GT, sacks of shite that they are :grin: will wheelie quite respectably. If you're getting wheelspin, you just haven't warmed the tyres up enough. Try again at the end of a ride when you've got more grip, sit back on your seat and give the bars a good yoink as you dump the clutch. Or, preserve your motorcycle for resale. Up to you ;)
  17. speaking of wheelie loz you wil be very pleased since you rode my bike and taught her how to wheelie, she has done it to me twice now..... first time was unexcepted, just got on the gas a bit harder then normal, the second time was about 4 sets of lights later (only cos i couldn't get it up at the pervious 3 sets :oops: :LOL: ) and with all the rain you think i would wait to practice them in the dry, but no coming home from work tuesday night (had worked back very late), rain pelting down, the little hoolgan :demon: on my left shoulder showed up and started to temping me with that one wheeled thrill, and keep suggested i try.... well just as i start to crack the throttle open when the LAC :angel: (law abiding citizen) appeared on the right shoulder saying you really should wait for dry weather to practice your wheelies (DICKHEAD).... so yeah end up listening to the advice of the little LAC :angel: and made it home safely.

    But am sure it wasn't the last i will hear of the that little Hooligan :demon: though :grin:
  18. the first real scare 'not deliberate' wheelie was going from Burnley Rd towards the FWY. I crossed Swan St an on the bridge. I was next to the truck going about 40-50ish k's so i thought i better get in front so gave a hand full and FARRRRRRRRRKKKKenaye! all im seeing is my tank and sky. Was scared sh1tles, all i was thinking was is this past verticle?
    Got to the lights and the truckie winds the window down and gives me the thumbs up WICKED!
  19. Heh heh casts my mind back to my own first wheelie. My mate and I had rented an Across and a GPX250. I'd spent all morning on the Across, then swapped keys with my mate. Used to the high revving nature of the Suzuki, I went for a balls-to-the-wall gear change into second on the GPX, full throttle all the way.

    When I dropped that clutch on my way up the hill, the front lifted about a foot and a half. I shat my pants and gave him the keys back, not knowing what the hell had happened, but enjoying a round of applause from some passing schoolkids.

    Don't worry Stewy, that LAC won't be troubling you for much longer. Wheelies in the rain will be fine on your bike, you're not likely to spin up the rear without using the clutch. ;)