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Discussion in 'Scooters' started by r4vi, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. At long last I have my "TGB AKros" (2003 SCP Runna) back together. It's been sitting in pieces for the last six months, I think I'm 1 bolt short and that's thankfully only a body panel bolt...

    I bought my Runna off eBay halfway through last year - 30km on the clock, the lady owner never felt comfortable in traffic so it never really got ridden...

    As soon as I bought it I wanted to upgrade it a tad - so I hit Google with a vengeance, gleaning as much info on scooters as possible - how a CVT works, 2 stroke theory, what a horizontal Minarelli motor was etc.

    Now I'm a stingy bastard at the best of times, so there was no way I was going to just hand my baby over to some scooter shop, fork out many dollars and never get to turn a screw. I've always done my own maintenance to my vehicles (which shows, I have a history of driving them into the ground, but that's another story...) so I wasn't too worried about doing the mechanicals.

    A new 47mm cylinder kit, a Gianelli GSP exhaust from some guy in Germany (got it for a song, just about brand new), a Dellorto carb copy from a seller in Oz, bigger intake manifold with fibreglass reeds...Feeling pretty chuffed with myself for such a good buy - gotta love eBay!

    Time to fit it all - bolts/screws flying everywhere, 2 stroke oil all over the floor [note to self: plug the oil line next time], rip off air ducting and wires (wow - just like my old veedubs - just about the same size motor too! :wink: ) - yank the cylinder.....12mm wrist pin! My new kit has a 10mm wrist pin!

    Ok, no probs, I'll sell this kit and get a different one off eBay! Oh - can't find a kit with a 12mm wrist pin, or it's in Italy and the postage cost is exhorbitant. I found an adapter bearing, allowing me to use my 10mm wrist pin piston with the 12mm conrod - but the page is in German and they wouldn't reply to my emails (aw c'mon - I even used Babelfish to translate my emails into German - maybe I insulted their Mothers or something - ya never know...)

    Meanwhile I got a job where they supplied me with a V8 BA Falcon 1-Tonner and a Motorcharge card - ok no gurry to get it back together now...I'll get around to it...Changed jobs and suddenly it's urgent again - isn't it always the way?

    I did tried every scooter shop I could find, the only reply I got was "bring it in, we'll do it up for ya mate!" - well either that or "nah mate ya can't do any upgrades, the only scoot ya can upgrade is a Sachs Madass" (say what? You been sniffing nitro out the back or something dude?) - SCP themselves never replied to my emails or calls.

    I was just about to give up when I happened to be looking at a web page that mentioned the Le Minz race last year on the Gold Coast - I came across this shop called ScooterHQ that entered in Le Minz. In desperation I called them, expecting yet another bunch of twats telling me to stay away from doing my own work on my scoot.

    Wait a minute, these guys are helping me! They are giving me advice! They are going out of their way to help! Ok, where are the cameras? Who has set me up? C'mon, admit it!

    No, they're serious! I've found real live scooter geeks!

    So a Malossi piston (which thankfully fit like a glove), an airbox mod and a main jet/needle combo later, and it looked like I had a goer!

    Back to the workshop (well, carport). A bit of sweating, swearing, blood (oops), back to google to learn carb theory, borrow a torque wrench, borrow an air compressor and rattle gun, borrow a chainsaw (whoa - maybe that last one isn't a good idea) - it's back together. Now to get it started and running, and tuned without blowing a hole in the top of my piston or cold seizing it...

    Woohoo! It starts! Yeah baby! Let's try it out! No joy - bogging down like nobody's business. Mild depression kicks in (so I want instand gratification! sue me!) - a couple of Zoloft and I'm ready to muck around with it.

    A phone call to ScooterHQ (by now Darcy has made a voodoo effigy of me - gotta love people who want to monopolise the mechanic's time for very little financial return) and a mate picks up a smaller main jet and a different needle.

    A bit more mucking around with the carb, it's running, I can ride it now...Looking good...Out with the rattle gun, on with a sports variator (again via eBay), stiffer contra spring - ah that's better...

    Numerous plug chops later (like one every 5 minutes, poop scared I'm gonna kill it) and it's purring like a kitten...Plug colour is spot on...Looking good!

    Run it in like that guy on www.mototuneusa.com says to, and Monday morning I do the run to work - halfway there, plug chop, looking good...Get to work, when I go to leave, plug chop, all good still, go home, plug chop, what's going on? Still looking good! New spark plug, start again...All good!

    A week and a half later, 30km round trip to work 8 times, still running well.

    Last weekend, I decided to put on the pod filter I got with the Dellorto (haven't fitted the 19mm Dellorto copy, still on the std 17.5mm Mikuni copy) - starving for fuel, too much air - much louder now...Nah, I'll put the standard air box back on. Wait a minute, maybe if I just make the intake hole on the air box a bit bigger - wow, now it's flowing better than the pod!

    Out with the big main jet - richen the needle right up, start - well it starts, that's always a good sign - up to running temp, take it for a blat - wow! That worked!

    Out with the rattle gun - swap in the lighter rollers. Starts, still good, that's half the battle won...

    HOLY CRAP! I've got a POWER BAND!

    I can drag off trucks at the lights! And buses! And gogomobiles!

    I rode down to KFC tonight for a feast for the family - pulled up next to a guy on a scoot. When we both took off, he nearly FELL off with fright! He must have thought he broke his throttle cable or something, I left him standing still!

    I'm still getting headshakes from motorbike riders, but now I don't get taunted by young jocks in commodores, now their passengers are hanging out the windows to check my baby out (it sounds like I've just come from a motorcross track)

    And cagers aren't so ticked off with me being in front of them now, which is always a plus...

    It's never going to be a motorway cruiser, and it's never gonna drag off cafe racers, but I tell ya what, it was worth it!

    So thank you ScooterHQ, thank you wonderful scooter forums the world over, thank you eBay - I owe it all to you!

    With the extra oomph came a pair of Dririder gloves, a Motodry Nitro armoured jacket (so I'm a scaredy cat - I don't mind - although I still ride to work in my Redback slip on steel caps and Bisley shorts - yes I am aware if I fall off I'll lose enough bark off my legs to reclad a small pine forest) for peace of mind. Draggin jeans next methinks...And a full face helmet (not that my ugly mug couldn't do with a bit of panelbeating)

    After all that, the business I am working for is moving out of town, and I need to do Motorway speeds, so I reckon the Runna will go on the market soon...

    Yes I know fully well that I shoulda started with an Aprilia Sr50 or something rather than a Runna, but as I said I'm a stingy sod. I've learnt my lesson now, next one will handle my 5 foot 10", 100+ kg frame (yes, I'm fat) better...But it's been a learning experience, and the next person to own my baby is gonna love it!

    So at the end of the day, I'm chuffed with my scoot, chuffed with ScooterHQ, and chuffed with myself.

    Scoot On!

    P.S. One thing about the Runna - the front box - that is what sold it to me - why don't more manufacturers do this? It's so useful, and cool!

    P.P.S. I'm not affiliated with ScooterHQ, just extremely pleased with their assistance, and highly recommending of their services.

    P.P.P.S. If you are thinking about upgrading your 50cc scooter, DO IT! Just accept you aren't going to end up with 250cc two stroke performance at the end of the journey.

    P.P.P.P.S. If you do upgrade, PLEASE respect the limitations of yourself and your scooter. Don't ride at speeds beyond your or your scooter's capabilities.

    P.P.P.P.P.S. Sorry for the thesis, but I'm a long-winded kinda guy...

    P.P.P.P.P.P.S. If anyone needs a 47mm piston with a 10mm wrist pin, give me a holler.
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  2. holy crap dude u must love scooters !! :LOL:

    I hope what you have done to it has made it into a race scooter :wink:
    now you can give some sports bike a run for there money haha :wink:

    I think u should post some pics of what you have done! :grin:
  3. I'm quite partial to them I must admit :)

    Yup, that's me, taking on turbo Hyabusas (or is plural Hyabusae?) at the lights...I stick to them like ugly on an ape!

    Gotta wash it first...But yeah no probs...
  4. sounds great!
    zap zap!
  5. congrats dude, its always good to hear of other scooter owners who dont "just ride" them.
  6. thats sounds like my little baby.
    i've got a honda today 50 running a 95cc big bore kit, variator plus wieghts, clutch and spring from an old honda lead, high diff, modded airbox with bigger main jet and custom exhaust that has a 1.5 to 2 inch pipe. bloody thing screams, beats cars at lights and 125cc 4 strokes and 50cc 2 strokes, all this from a 4 stroke scooter. have to be careful taking off, it pops the front wheel with ease..
    got my big carby coming in 3-4 weeks then down the track, it's head and cam....

    still very good fun dragging off cars at lights.....
  7. Dude that's crazy! 95cc! Did you have to bore the block to fit the cylinder?
  8. i'm very lucky that this scooter has a seperate block that unbolts...
    so it was unbolt old and bolt on large....
    still running orginal head and cam, so there is more power to come......
  9. I am soooo jealous - 95cc!

    I'm (hopefully) off to Willowbank Kart Track Saturday arvo to have a run against some other 50s - I'm a bit nervous - I don't think I've got it set up optimally yet - think I'm going to need to play with the rollers and contra spring some more - and get a kevlar belt...

    Hoping to get some pointers on riding techniques and see how I stack up against other scoots!
  10. Nice. A bit pointless, but nice. ;)
  11. just little tip, when you brake hard or turn, take the weight off your bum and stand up a little, dont let your bum leave the seat but transfer your body weight to your feet.
    this gives you a lower center of gravity and the whole show will feal a lot more stable.
  12. why????
    it goes like a shower of shit
  13. I'd argue that rather than spending all that time and money on turning a 50cc into a 95cc, you might as well just buy a 100/125cc scoot. Then again, where's the fun in that? :p

    On that basis, my original comment still stands.
  14. true, but as it is now i can drag off 125's right up to 60km+ and the honda today 50 is such a small scooter, so it's funny to be dragged off by one, i would think..

    and to see one on one wheel on take off gets a few shocked faces...
  15. ahhh ... it makes more sense now. :grin:
  16. Im not sure if i am allowed to post links in here but here goes
    this is my 04 scp i have been rebuilding

    opps i cant post links unitl I have enough posts
  17. well its on scooter community and its called street sleeper
  18. What a great read

    I liked the story and thoroughly enjoyed the read. You can't beat a tale of doing something silly and overcoming the odds.