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Buzzing/very fast clicking noise when hitting ignition

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sickly, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm trying to get an '06 Hyosung Aquila GV250 (~8000km) back on the road. It has been garaged for ~10 months, with a small ride about 2-3 months ago and again last weekend.

    My problem is that whenever I hit the ignition, I get a buzzing noise, similar to the sound of a tazer. The first time I tried it this morning, it started to turn over then went flat and all I get is this buzzing noise. If I leave it for 30 minutes or so, I get the same result: it starts to turn then stops and just buzzes.

    I tried recharging the battery and after about an hour it told me it was full, but I've run into the same problems. I had the bike running just fine last weekend as I was cleaning the chain and tires and giving it a bit of a warmup, but this week I'm stuck.

    Anyone got any ideas?
  2. Bet it is a flat battery and time to buy a new one.

    If in melb what suburb?
  3. Had a similar problem on my VTR a little while back. Thought it was the battery bought a new one etc.. . Problem kept occuring. Ended up being the Voltage Relay/Regulator for the starter motor was Cactus.
  4. Truganina/Hoppers Crossing area, know of anywhere nearby that would stock the batteries? Are batteries interchangeable on motorbikes or do you have to get, say, a Hyosung 250 battery?

    Sorry for the dumb questions, first time fixing bikes and I don't want to get anything wrong.
  5. Sounds like you need anew battery, also, worth looking into the Reg/Rec ...
  6. Duff battery, also worth checking the stator? and regulator as the it normally goes west and takes the rest with it...
  7. No worries guys, will change out the battery and update this thread on the results. Fingers crossed.

    EDIT: Battery model not in stock until Thursday. Will still update with results next weekend.
  8. Doesnt have to be a hyo battery. Pull out the old one take down the number eg ct12b-4 and do the ring around.

    If you want to make double sure and you have a mate closeby who has a bike, pull out his battery and hook it up to your bike and I suspect it will start no problem.
  9. In fact the not hyo battery is the better plan...
  10. As stated the battery is the most likely culprit. Any compatible battery that fits should be OK, however the last time I changed batteries it took me three goes to find one to fit. They were literally about 1mm too big and I couldn't get the battery in. But mine goes between the frame and the fit is exceedingly tight. if you have plenty of space around the battery it shouldn't be a problem.

    However before spending money on a battery why not take it to a battery shop. Most will test it and tell you if it is cactus or not.
  11. Yeah good idea, I'll take it with me on the weekend and if it's dead we can swap it right out.
  12. Thanks for the fast advice guys - it was a dead battery after all. Lesson learned, and it was great to hear the bike fire up after a $50 replacement.
  13. now get yourself a $40 battery tender and put it on when your not riding for a while , will save all the hassle.