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Buzzing sound, new Hyosung 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Matt250R, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Hey, I just got my Hyosung GT250R and when im riding, at some points thru the rev range, i get this buzzing sound, it almost sounds like the fairing is vibrating and it might just be something that needs a tighten, just wondering if any other hyosung owners experienced the same thing, thanks!

  2. Does it seem to be around 5500-6000rpm? There is an engineered in big flat spot to pass emissions requirements around that rev range. Its esp noticable in 3rd gear but if you're stuck in it it feels like the bike is vibrating more.
  3. Hi Matt, probably just the adrelanine buzz! Could be a loose bolt go over the bike with a spanner.
  4. now that you mention it, it does buzz during that particular rev range, can i do anything at all about it or get used to it?
  5. Yep first service will get rid of the EPA dead spot and buzz
  6. Problem

    Hi matt i have same bike and same problem which i am getting fixed at 5000km service. If you have a look around the speedo the padding is not the best. What has happened is that it is just the plastic vibrating around it. I get to 6000 rpm and it starts but then u go 3kms faster and it goes away.
    I worked out that it was the plastic by holding it down when it got to 6000 and there was no noise. So if that sounds like the same problem you have then thats all it will be nothing to worry about it is more just annoying then a major problem. Just needs some extra padding put in around it.
  7. The flat spot is as easy to fix as removing one wire from the plug to the CDI unit. Not all stealers will fix it for you... Peter Stevens for example just fobbed me off by saying it was a 'feature' of the bike so they couldn't do anything about it.. so i did it myself.
    If you go to http://www.korider.com and head into the forums, GT250 section there is a sticky thread at the top about fixing the flat spot with pics etc just skip to the last page as it has the most recent plug configuration. Remove the green/blue wire and tap it to the loom and bingo, no more flat spot.
  8. HI..........my bike at the same problem, obviously problem in all Hyo's.....
    I brought mine new, and around 300k's it started making the most annoying noise......i pulled the front fairings off to have a look, cos to me it sounded like it was coming from the speedo, anyway couldn't find problem so i took it back to dealer, and they repacked the dash and put extra rubber washers in there somewhere and finally fixed.....the only other annoying thing is the bloody brakes squeak......same with u guys????? ](*,) :evil:
  9. i was confused that 5 first posts are called mat and all own a hyosung :LOL:
  10. gt250r here and i haven't had any buzzing sounds, or have i noticed any flat spots, its been revving pretty well. Going in for its first 1000k service tomorrow.

    The only think ive noticed was a bit of a squeak... squeak... squeak.. when riding, or pushing it while the engine is off, but when you touched the brakes it would go away. Now, it only slightly makes that sound when i push it out of the garage so id say it was just the brakes getting bed in.
  11. They did for me at first service, but maybe it's cause I'm cute :shock: :grin:
  12. Err... maybe... if i were you i would have walked out when the big hairy guy said...
    "You got purdy lips....."