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Buzzin, from Redfern

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Buzzin, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Hi All

    Finally signed up to Netrider, herd great things about this place.

    Little about myself,

    Been interested in bikes as long as I can remember, love building them, riding them but not so much smashing them. Also in the trade, love every day of it.

    Glad to be a part of the community. :)

    Bikes Ive owned / building.

    Honda CBR 125 (Keeps me out of trouble)

    2 X Yamaha AG100 Cafe Racers
    1 X Ducati S4 Monster
    1 X Postie Bike

    Previous Bikes

    K8 GSXR750
    Suzuki Intruder
    88' Kawasaki ZX - 2R
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  2. Welcome Buzzin, thats a good collection of bikes. And a wide range of projects.
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  3. Hey Buzzin, Welcome to NR.

    Only building 4 bikes at the mo?

    Time to set yourself a real challenge...;)
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  4. G'day BuzzinBuzzin, welcome to Netrider.
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  5. Gday BuzzinBuzzin, welcome aboard. Interesting portfolio of bikes you've got there.
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  6. Welcome BuzzinBuzzin
    Quite an alphabet of bikes...
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  7. Welcome!
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  8. welcome aboard :]
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  9. Welcome to NR.

    Post some pics of the build project.
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  10. Thank you all for your greetings.

    Ive always loved posties and very old two strokes. I'm happy that I found good examples with rust free tanks.

    I'll start a post with the postie soon. I want to get at least three quarters of the way before starting a thread :)
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