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Buying your first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Treffynnon, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Whilst I have some mechanical experience with cars, I have no idea when it comes to bikes. I do have an uncle who used to ride MVs, Ducatis and Guzzis, but he isn't keen on my purchasing a bike so I can't take him along to inspections to help out. Also none of my friends ride bikes and probably think most riders are nuts!

    I have been reading over the great articles that are available on the NetRider website, but I am still not confident enough to pick a good bike from a bad one. Plus I have the added problem of not being able to ride it before buying it as I am yet to get my Ls. How many sellers would let a learner test ride their bike anway! :)

    Does anyone have any additional ideas of how to avoid getting stung on bikes?

    I visited Sumoto the other day and was told to give the idea of riding away if I didn't have at least $5k to spend on my first bike. I find this a bit hard to swallow. Can this be taken as a gospel? Looking on BikePoint and BikeSales I don't really think it can be. I am not having a go at Sumoto by the way. They were very friendly and helpful whilst I was there.

    Sorry for the rambling post. I have got a cold at the moment and should be in bed. :)
  2. $5k is a good start but simply not necessary.
    i think you need to do a riding course or lessons where you use their bikes etc. at least then you get to experience 2 wheels.
    a bike shop will squeeze you for everything you have....but then buying private has its own set of risks. find someone who knows bikes or just ask that a prospective bike be looked over by a mechanic
  3. How much are you willing to spend? What style are you after?

    Also, do a search on Sumoto on this site. There are plenty of folks who have experienced their sales and service. You would do well to try and learn what they have to share.

    Good luck with finding a bike. :wink:
  4. I wouldn't be taking anything said by Sumoto (or any dealer) as gospel - You really shouldn't be spending more than 5k on any used 250, they're simply not worth that much (not with brand new GPXs only being around 6K). Really how much you'll have to spend depends on what you want - some 250s do seem to carry a bit of a premium on price due to their image and popularity (CBR250RRs are probably one of the worst in this respect). You could however easily pick up a GPX, Across, ZZR etc in good condition for around the 3k mark. A naked like the 250 Bandit is also a good buy - grey imports are generally around 3k, Aus delivered bikes are usually a little more (but rarely over 5k). If you're not worried about performance there's also plenty of older single cylinder and v-twin bikes out there that can be picked up in good condition for as little as 1-2 grand. Keep in mind that most of what Sumoto is selling is usually at least 15 years old - yes even the bikes that they're asking 6-7 thousand for.
  5. Thanks for the comments guys. I think I will try to checkout some private Spadas this weekend. Still think they looked the best of the bunch at Sumoto.
  6. Just be careful, cos there are some real lemons out there, especially if you buy Gray imports.
  7. Checked out a Spada this afternoon. Link to bike on bike sales.

    As he was wheeling it out so I could take a look; the poor bugger dropped it onto his car and then it slid to the ground :(

    One thing that really stood out was that there was atleast a centimetre gap between the seat and the fuel tank. This says to me at the very least there is some damage to the seat/tank mountings. If not something wrong with the frame? Dunno any ideas? Otherwise there was a crack in the fairing and corrosion on one of the crowns on the fork and on the rear swingarm where battery acid leaked.

    Whilst it is Australian delivery I don't think that it is worth the asking price. But I dunno. The only other 250s that I see advertised at the moment are grey imports so I reckon the insurance will be atleast double even if the chap Sumoto told me otherwise. ;)
  8. If you dont even have your L's yet theres plenty of time, dont hurry in to buying a bike, take your time and you will find something.
  9. Yeah I am not going to any of the bikes with cash let me tell you! Not sticking a deposit in till I have a really good think about it. I also want to give myself time to get my finger on the pulse of the market as well. I am taking exactly the same attitude I take to look at cars, which is disconcerting to sellers I am sure.

  10. Hey Simon,

    I was in the same boat as you a month ago. But seriously, I think you will struggle to get a good example for $3K. A lot of people said some of the naked bike cost around that range but if you look around .. most of them are overpriced. That's the 250 market in VIC, they cost more than they worth as they are the "L" bikes.. Especially warm days are around, even put you in a tougher position to get something decent for less price. That's my view anyway...

    I also got my first bike before I got my L.. :LOL: just too excited over it and want to ride as soon as I pass the L. Anyway.. If you want to hunt around yourself.. there are some good articles in the forum about inspecting and buying your first bike.. Bring someone experience with you if you can.. if you don't have anyone at all, PM lordtb.. he does pre-inspection check for a small price.. great guy. Well.. good luck with the hunt.
  11. Dont stress too much about the grey import thing - A lot of the bikes that are actually interesting enough to ride for 12 months or so are gonna be grey imports. Insurance was certainly cheap enough on mine!

    Also prices are only gonna go up as the weather gets better! :grin:
  12. Yep spring/summer is when people are most likely to buy a new bike so prices can go up - on the other hand this also means you get a lot of people upgrading (and therefore more 250s on the market) :). If in doubt about a bike keep looking - there's plenty out there and eventually you will find one that is exactly what you're after.
  13. Precisely why I am starting to look now, which I think is just before many people will begin to seriously look for a bike.
  14. Yeah, I had been looking since early June at bikes and only got mine yesterday.
  15. Well I passed my L's today and I have most of my gear. Just need a bike to practice on! It was quite windy and it rained a little over the two days of the course, but neither of them really made much difference. By the end of the day the slow ride was easy with or without the cross wind. I got 100% on the "written" exam so pretty happy. Lots of skills to aquire and practice to go though.

  16. Congrats on reaching first base Simon. I think you are still on the right track asking if one of the Melbourne Netriders who've already trod this risky path accompany you on your search.

    Their advice is good, though; there's not hurry, it's raining tonight so you don't need a bike just yet: tomorrow will do :LOL: :LOL: