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Buying your first bike and its resellability.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Grunge, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Wanted to do a first post asking for advice from anybody regarding getting a first bike, but maybe from a different perspective.
    First off, I'm a total n00b when it comes to bikes, I only know what I like, which is by sight only.

    My girlfriend and I are looking at getting our learner's in the next 3 weeks (when we can schedule time off to do one of those day courses,) and we've been doing research on bikes prices and such. (And this site has been Great for that.)

    Clearly one of the things that seems prominent (to me anyways,) is to buy good gear, but you'll be changing your bike from 250cc up in about 18~24 months, which is fair enough.

    The question for me is, how do you know what the resellability on a bike is?
    I mean, when I've looked at many bike traders, there's barely any 250cc's being sold privately, so how do they get sold?

    ATM, the bikes I'm looking at are either the Fireblade CBR250 or Spada 250. (They both kinda look nice. ) I'm looking at spending $3K ~ $4K no more than that, preferably the lower end. What else can anybody reccomend on that scale which can be sold off quite quickly and retains its value when you sell it?

    Any help with regards to looking at new bikes would be appreciated. It's hard when you don't really know anyone else who rides and can help you but I guess that's were these forums are useful.

    Thanks in advance! (^_~)
  2. ive just bought my 250. i was looking for about 3 weeks before i settled on mine. I had no idea about bikes. I know 5 people with bikes and all of them had different opinions. I did alot of research on the internet about each bike i was told about and what bikes where being sold at the time. Theres quite alot of 250's being sold atm. I looked for mine on
    Bikesales.com.au, ebay.com.au, monkey.com.au, tradingpost.com.au. I also visited my local bike shops (3) and had a lok at there trade ins. I do know that my budget started at $2000 and ended up around the $3500 mark. I did settle on a nice bike for $2800. This was my Yamaha FZR-R 250 with 30,000kms. While looking the main bikes that i came across were the Suzuki ZZR, Suzuki Across, CBRs, with CBRs being the dearest.
    Im pretty sure any bike thats kept in good condition, good paint, low kms will hold its value. Everyone has to start on a 250, so they are always going to be in demand, mostly by young men. And being a young man myself, at first all i was looking at was a sexy looking bike. Good paint, good looks. My bike is valued at $4000 and i got it cheap, so Even if i lose $1000 of it value when im finished i'll be happy, only due to ive lost so much on cars over the last 2 years.
  3. You must be looking in teh wrong place in the traders...because there is a heap.
    If you buy the bike for an ok price you will sell it for the same or more, depends on how long you want to wait or how lucky you are.
    Buy it cheap you could sell it for more...
    Depending on condition, etc.
    I bought my last bike for a very good price, sold it for a fair bit more, pretty much covered the cost of owning it.
    Buy the trading post every thursday, look on bikesales.com.au, bikepoint.com.au, buy a motorcycletrader...is rare to see a bargain in this.
  4. Um, I answered this question and my answer has disapeared. Where'd it go? :?
    Edit: Just reading through the OP and I could have sworn there was also a part of the question re the difference beween the CBR R & RR. Did that disapear with my post or am I going mad?
  5. It was stolen by the "other" shauny; quick, put our an all-points bueeltin :LOL:

    If you want a Spada and don't mind shopping out of state, call Steve Wyers at Caringbah Motorcycles www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au

    Stev is a direct importer of Spadas, search for a thread I put up a while back called "Spada Heaven"
  6. There were two identical posts, you replied to the second one

    As for the resale value, i've been thinking about this as well, with the thoughts of a bigger bike i've been a little concerned that mabye me commuting on the bike everyday instead of driving the car might be decreasing the value with the km's i'm adding every week.
  7. I see. Two slightly different identical posts have teamed up to confuse me again. :shock: :LOL:
  8. Many of the 250's are over 10 years old, they arent going to change in price with another year. You really can sell a 250 for as much or more than you paid for it.

    However k's will decrease its value.

    My ZZR had 16k when I got it, now has 55k. Somehow I dont think it will hold its value too well when I sell it :LOL:
  9. Keep riding it, another 45k and it will be brand new again.
  10. Kewl.

    Thanx for the great replies all.. That all of it makes sense. I hope to get my learner's in about 3 weeks (after the commonwealth and GP, because of work there) and then off I go to look.

    Just another query.. it is better to get it off a dealer? I'm thinking for someone like me it may be useful, as I barely have any contacts with a motorbike. Sheepdog, didja buy yours off a dealer or private when you found your FZRR?

    Again, thanx everyone for being helpful.
  11. Whatever you get. Selling a bike with more than 45000km or so on the clock is more difficult, I think. So get one with 15000 or less on it so you can still sell it when you are off restrictions with about 40000 on it.

    Mental note: 15000 could mean 15000 or 115000 or 215000 or 315000 or even 415000. As long as it works and you can sell it before the tacho reads 50000!
  12. as long as you dont get ripped off and dont stuff the bike too much, you'll sell it for pretty much what you paid in a years time. thats just the nature of the market, most bikes will hit a low and just not move from there until they're totalled. IMO, its better to buy a bike thats already close to that low, so when you go to sell, you wont lose anything...
  13. Sold my Virago for $150 more then I paid for it (from a dealer as well) after 4 months :grin:
    Was very happy about that!
  14. Kewl.

    Thanx for the advice y'all!
    Realized that I prolly would change bikes, but the girlfriend will prolly keep her 250 for almost life... so she'll have to try to get one with low K's and is reliable.. =P
  15. why do you say the GF would keep hers? trust me dude, ladies like a bit of fun just as much as us blokes do. my other half couldn't wait to do the upgrade, it was only to a 400, but she still couldn't wait to ditch the slow as shit 250 :LOL:

    you'll both upgrade as soon as licences/finances allow you to, i'd be 99.99% sure on that :wink:
  16. Coconut, yeah.. I know where you're coming from, but the reason I'm going to upgrade is coz atm I have very little $$$ to get one. I am considering spending a little (okay okay, aLOT) more getting just a 250cc to keep to be honest. I know it sounds weird, but maybe I'm just not as hardcore. (^_~)

    The g/f on the other hand, also has a limited $$ amount but has a slightly bigger budget than me.
    She's gonna be using it for basic transport and she plans to keep the 250 for a quite while. Maybe things will change once we both get our bikes, but really from a financial perspective, don't think we're gonna upgrade any time soon.
  17. If your really, really lucky - dont bypass an older bike, that has been taken care of. As previously stated, as a bike gets pass the 45k mark, it depreciates rapidly. However, this doesnt necessarily mean a bad bike, or one that is past its 'used by date'.
    Theres something to said for Old/Good vs New/Crap, when it comes to a limited budget.
    As an example a 96-98 ZZR250, with~40k on it, will set you back about the $3g's mark. However at 40k, the ZZR usually has plenty of life left in it.
    So you get a bike that is past its depreciation mark, but is still a good bike, with plenty of life left in it. Theres a reason Kwaka still make the GPX/ZZR 250. Because they came up with a design that just simply lasts. Same can be said for the CB250/VTR250. A design that has lasted well.
    I made a similar decision recently, where i had a limited budget. Looked and looked, and found a schmick old bike. Been restored, practically brand new, but because its a 1984 bike, its still only worth X amount.
    Tho people dont tend keep 250's of THAT age, in such condition... I think i just contradicted myself...*shrug* :)
  18. Kewl. Totally makes sense.
    I guess the best thing for me is not to buy with my eye. =P

    I did have a look at the ZZR's and some other models.

    I was reconsidering and thinking it may be a good idea to get a bike that's a keeper.

    I know I'll keep the bike for about 5 years at least. I guess I have to start scouring around rather than buy on a time schedule.
  19. Also, another question for something I've just noticed.... Some of the bikes being sold say that that they have cracks and the fairings and such... is that worth any more or less or is it easy to fix?
    Generally, I guess the key is to stay away.. but yeah..just wanted a POV from anyone experienced.
  20. Fairings are cosmetic.
    BUT the question is how did the damage get there??
    Dropped, smashed, bird etc.