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Buying your 1st bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ac17, May 31, 2008.

  1. Hi guys. Please help!!!
    I just got my Ls, and I'm about to buy my 1st bike.
    Loads of bikes look cool, but I'm not sure they meet my requirements.
    Sometimes I'm not sure what my even requirements are (there's so much choice...).

    I think I want to spend around $2500-3000, and $1500 on saftey gear / insurance.

    I am 60kgs and 164cms short.

    I am thinking I may use my bike to ride up to Brisbane, and maybe on other rides around Austarlia (at a later date).

    Bikes that look cool to me are the CB250s we learned on (maybe cos they are familiar), SPADAs, and Ninjas. But, I have no idea if this type of bike is what I need (could you ride a CB250, or SPADA, or Ninja over long distances, or is the riding position not very comfortable).

    Any other bike models? (Bearing in mind that they need to be on the LAMS list).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Good on you for including safety gear in your budget. You're doing better than I did! :grin:

    I'd say that if you were hoping to do longer distances you should look at something a bit bigger than a 250, even though you're a flyweight. Check out a GS500 if you like the naked look. It'll pull a lot more and be far better over long distances.

    But one other question... what's 164cm in the old system?
  3. still short :LOL: about 5'4
  4. None of the bikes you list are 'ideal' for touring, not that they can't tour, it just means you are limited in terms of fuel range on some models, road speed (try maintaining 100km/h on a cb250 for hours on end), overtaking power and comfort/carrying capacity.

    I suggest something like as already said the GS500, or a dual sport like the KLR650, KLE500 etc. The real issue here is that your budget will restrict your choices considerably.
  5. You may have to look at bringing a 500cc bike in from a non-LAMS state to get the deal you want.
  6. I think you might need to do this in stages: buy a 250 first and learn to ride then upgrade to a GS500 or similar when you're ready to travel further afield and have a bit more cash.
    I bought a CB250 to start with then moved on to the GS500. If I was doing it again I would buy a sportier 250 like the GPX or ZZR because even though I knew I would only keep the CB for a few months I got bored with it within a few weeks!
  7. For a more natural riding position, consider a CB250F Hornet, runs the same powerplant as the CBR250RR ( gear driven cams ), runs a fireblade swingarm along with its 180 rear tyre. Plenty of grunt ( for a 250 ).
    I'm also vertically challenged ( about the same weight and height as you ).
    I love my hornet :grin:
  8. If you want to do large distances AND have the bike reliable for such distances, in my opinion you need to spent more. 4-5 grand would see you with a GS500 or perhaps 500F (faired).
  9. A VTR 250 isn't bad for the vertically challenged as well. But a GS500 is a really good all round bike they are pretty simple and east to handle for the learner but will blow your budget out a bit .... but hey loving bikes has a unique way of doing that to your $ plan ...
  10. Spada's good for shorties - try on a ZZR too if you want to tour a bit, very good fuel range.
  11. Thanks guys :)

    I'm going to meet up with some riders from the Sydney riders group and check out their bikes.

    I'm also going to go into a few bike stores and sit on some, just to get a little clearer on what I'm looking for.

    (Narrowing what I want down a little - I think it's something that's easy to manouvre and something that is comfy over long distances)

    -Maybe my budget won't strech to any of the bikes mentioned.

    Apart from 'bikesales.com.au', and ebay, are there any other good places to look?
  12. Any thoughs on a Ninja? (I guess looks are also something that comes into my decision).

    Man... I really need to try sitting on all of these types of bikes, don't I...
  13. AC, check out Trading Post.com.au as well. There's occasionally some good buys in there.

    Also, don't forget the stuff in the "for sale" section of this forum. I've seen some amazingly good buys pop up in there. It's also useful because you can track the owners previous posts and get a better idea of how it's been ridden and treated.

    If you do go and check out a second hand bike, make sure you take someone who knows what they're looking at. Look for leaks, scratches, check the bearings and both ends as well as all the normal crap.
  14. My GPX (currently for sale) has treated me well over the years (1.5), {/shameless plug] I would highly recommend them for a learner, easy to ride and reasonable comfy!!
  15. Try and find a suzuki across owner past or present who dosent rave about how good the bike is.

    oh and <cough> mine is up for grabs at the moment for a verry reasonable price </cough>
  16. With that budget you may be able to find a decent 250 Bandit (GSF250) which copes quite well with touring - large frame (for a 250), comfortable riding position (with a fairly low seat) and a tank capacity good for around 300kms.
  17. I learned on a CB250 and bought a ZZR250. On the first ride it was very different but only took an hour or two to adjust to it, and it seems like a great first bike and would recommend it to you. I got mine in VIC for $5000 as a 2002 model with 10k on the clock, so that will give you an idea what you can get if you spend a little more and I think I should be able to sell it for the same as I paid with about 20k on the clock.
  18. GPX is quite comfortable for touring... very cheap to run too.
  19. Don't forget to check out netrider for more information about learner legal bikes, advice about buying, learning, gear, etc. The link is in my signature below.
  20. im 5.11 and also looking into what first bike i shall buy when i get my license i want to say that im going to be careful, which i will be but i do like speed...
    what can you guys recommend?