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Buying without RWC. and Fender eliminator Qns

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, May 30, 2008.

  1. G'day Guys, Bit of a multi-part long winded question here

    As some of you may know i recently inspected a bike that im interested in.

    The bike probably isnt gonna be sold with RWC because it has a few little probs: Headlight globe not working, 1 fork seal leaking, horn fell off .... i think thats all that would be RW issues. and the owner dosent want to fork out for this stuff.

    However it also has a pretty extreme fender eliminator to the point that the actual rego plate is just cut and bent and screwed directly into the rear cowl. Also the rear indicators are really small and reasonably hidden by the numberplate and ductail. (they are visible but definetly not as much as a stock set-up)

    After doing my research on the vicroads site it says if you buy a vehicle you must within 14 days transfer the rego and provide a road worth certificate.

    Also it mentions that the RW check is not a test of all ADR regulations just tests the major safety factors ect of the bike.

    my Qns for you smart lot:

    1) Are fender eliminators, miniscule indicators, underbar mirrors ect something that will cause me grief with a road worthy inspection? if so has anyone got any ideas on the best plan? perhaps borrow the fender/indicators off another bike and wire it all up just for the test?

    edit: removed 2nd question. as it was a bit stupid

    Cheers...could be dumb qns but i hope that made a little sense


  2. Get a quote from a shop to return the bike to at least tolerable ADR readiness and deduct this from the guys offer.
  3. If I was the seller in that dream I wouldn't be agreeing to putting a date in the future as the sale date as I'd then end up being in a spot of trouble if the purchaser decided in this dream to spend the next few weeks riding past speed cameras at 200kph...
  4. Um sounds like a very dumb idea. Until that rego paper if filled out the bike is not yours. And if you wrote up some sort of contract trying to get around the rego papers, VicRoads or any court wouldn't accept it. Forget that idea. Trying to circumvent the law is a bad idea. Anyway just transfer the remaining rego and don't renew it until you can get a RWC.

    With all these problems (RWC and rego due) the sale price better reflect them. Since the seller is not willing to budge on price I am guessing they do not.
  5. yeah probably not. but i would think i written contract might help.

    yeah the guy wants to sell without rwc. dosent want to spend any more money on it. i have no problem doing the things like forkseals,horn lights ect cause i can do them myself (or at a spanner night) for nice and cheap

    im just worried about the fender issues.

    being a streetfighter im just concerned it may be harder than usual to pass
  6. Streetfighter as in a naked bike or streetfighter as in sportsbike thats been in an accident and has been converted?

    Anyway have you done an equivalent of a NSW REVS check http://www.revs.nsw.gov.au/
  7. yes i have done the vicroads Vehicle Information PAckage thing. Costs twice as much as NSW (bloody vicroads)

    Hasnt been recorded written off or stolen.

    the frame look/ feels straight as a die. there is no marks on it. there is a small ding on the tank which i am unsure how it couldve been caused. dosent look like a fall type of ding. the rear ductail has a scratch on it but again dosent look like a fall.

    with a SF u can never tell and pretty much have to assume its been tipped. however after a decent look if it was it seems to have been fixed up pretty well.

    Its a bandit, thats had that big ugly bikini fairing removed.
  8. double post.

    ok forget the no. 2 qsn. Im mainly concerned about whether the fender eliminator will cause RWC issues


  9. yes if you get a picking rwc/inspector.....must extend down far enough that if you have a 45degree line from the rear axel nut the fender must reach that line.....so yes might have trouble might get lucky, either that or just go to clark rubber and buy a piece of rubber and mount it so it complies then remove once done :wink:
  10. i could probably whack on the across' stuff temporatily or just borrow a fender from a netrider who has a bike gathering dust atm
  11. i thought it was compulsory down there that all vehciles must be sold with a rwc?

    i don't like your chances off fitting a fender from another bike, has the SF your looking at got an undertail? or is the fender just trimmed down?
  12. just the actual plate has been cut and the top bit bent on a 90 degree angle and screwed into the ductail.

    i cant remember esactly where it attached on (whether it was frame) but it was pretty secute.

    looked awesome but not ADR obviously.

    so you dont think i could bolt any old fender onto the ductail?
  13. If you posted a picture i reckon you'd get a straightforward answer within a few hours!
  14. Just go buy movin's bandit and save yourself the trouble :grin: It's more fun to mod your own bike anyway!
  15. by the sounds of it it has a undertail fitted, the fender actually extends all the way down to the front of the seat, and holds or the wiring as well as the battery, you might be able to dodgy up something using the rear fender off a 03-presnt kwaka or 05-present suzuki sports bike ie zx6/10r, gsxr600/100, as they had smooth finish under tails as stock, and the fender was simply bolted onto them, anything before that the fender and the stock under tail were one unit
  16. yeah i agree. just this bike has already spent the big bucks doing the esact things i would do. its pretty much what i would do. full zorst system and carbo can. braided lines. gsxr forks. after market instrument cluster. all the pricey things.

    except i would still plan to do some intake mods. sprockets. polished metal look tank, matt black ducktail with (im thinking here) a alloy cover over the rear cente section. or i may go the whole hog in the future and put a whole nother rear end on the thing. would look awesome. this bike is the kind that i would probably hang onto for a little while

    i kinda like the semi-industrial looking style the previous owner was going for...

    anyone got opinions on how easy it is to fit diferent fenders. couldnt be that hard. just screw it on. attach the plate and wire up the indicators...sureley
  17. rarely ever is anything that easy, seroiusly try one of the fenders from the bikes i mention as they are a bolt on job, the cbr rrs and r1/6 are out as they have untail exhausts, and before that were a complete unit like i originally posted, 05+ gsxr or 03-05 zx6/10 they will be virtualy your only options, if you can get one then yes you can bolt them on by adding holes and then wire them up
  18. geez....

    if i end up going that way i will be putting a call out to all bandit owners. Can i borrow your fender setup for a six-pack.

    sureley the stock fender will fit? :p
  19. of course the stock bandit fender will fit, but it is as i said a one peice fender undertail unit, so requires disassembling the entire rear sub frame section (obviously the actual subframe will not need to come off), but all the plastics, the electrics, the battery all will need to come to replace the modified item with a stock item, do you get it yet?
  20. oh. yeah get that now.....thats a pretty stupid design. i will have to have a bit of a look around i think.

    cheers qbn