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Buying Used ZZR 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by antkleve, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I am just new to the world of bikes, originally intending to get a scooter but after doing the pre-learner course, thought that I would be far better off with a bike.

    Have looked at a few 250cc models and was out a dealer today who had a 93 ZZR250 Aust compliance with 13,000km for $4500. It was in OK condition, but had a cracked fairing. Just have a few questions;
    1. Is this a reasonable deal?
    2. How much is a new fairing on a ZZR. I have been told they are $1800
    3. 13,000ks for a 93 bike sounds too good to be true. Is it?
  2. kays are too good to be true and I dare suggest that I've seen ZX2Rs for a shade over 5k in later years than 93...
  3. 1- sounds a bit high, even for this time of the year. try under $4k and you're probably looking at the going rate for something with those sort of kays.

    2- NFI, but you wont have to replace it, just fix it. will cost you substantially less than that, IF you actually need it (remember that this is the time you will be most likely to stack. you may not, but theres a damn good chance the bike will fall down at some stage)

    3- could be, who knows. i had an 85 GSXR750 with 12,000 on it, i reckon it was absolute BS and sold it as 112,000. could have ticked over, could be a new set of dials, you cant know.

    *shameless plug* my uncle has a GPX 250 for sale at the moment. 96 model in black with under 50,000 on it, couple of cracks in the faring but nothing major broken. he wants $2500 for it :wink:
  4. I'd be concerned if the kays were genuine - would suggest that at some point the bike has been sitting for a long period of time. Also be important to know just when it was last serviced, it may not have been ridden much but if the oil hasn't even been changed in the last few years then walk away.
  5. I can tell you that I bought my new one in '93 for the grand total of $6900 if that helps... ;)
  6. Is there any advantage to buying it through a dealer instead of privately?
  7. bought an 01 with 11,000k's for 5k. that was nearly 2 year ago, so bike was only 3 year old.. Dont buy an imported one, by one that was already intended for here. And 4.5k is way to much for it.. good luck! :grin:
  8. yeah....a warranty
    you are guaranteed title....or the dealer actually has guarantee
    title (not nicked or stolen or under finance) before flogging it

  9. omg I will sell you my 1998 zzr 250 for $4000

  10. If only you lived in Sydney Lizzy!
  11. Good move gettin' your bike license.
    Cheaper for the dealer to fix the fairing than you, get him to do it.
  12. I will send it to you :)

    Only cost $300 I think
  13. antkleve - I bought my first ZZR250, which was also a 1993 Complianced (Grey Import), with 23,000 on it, from a friend of a friend, for $3500

    The one I have now is an 1999 Australian (Non-Grey Import), with 20,000 on it. It's in great condition, looks fantastic and goes very well. I will prob be selling it sometime in the next 2-3 months and will be looking for around $4500 for it.

    here's some pics :

    Hope that gives you an indication.
  14. Nice Bike Doonks and thanks for the info it gives me an idea of what these bikes are going for at the moment. Seems like around $3,500 - $4000 should get a reasonable bike around the 97-2000 year model with up to 30k on the clock.

    So any other opinions, or things to be aware of when looking at one of these as a first bike?
  15. i'm also selling a ZZR250 1995 40,000k. fairing bit scratched and slightly cracked round the mirror. i've just been offered $3,500 by a dealer which should give you a further indication. i'd offer it to you if you were in melbourne, or were likely to get to melbourne, for the same ie $3,500