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Buying Used Phones off Ebay - Well Don't..

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. My NextG phone is playing up. I'm still in contract til towards the end of the year. Anyway, been looking on Ebay for a bargain. Found a Motorola V6, NextG model, bidding starting around a dollar. Won it for around $70. It arrived today.

    The ad on Ebay said that it was "used/refurbished". This means that it should have been cleaned up to make it "look" like new. But it wasn't. It had greasy finger marks all over it. The phone's wallpaper has a picture of some guy and his kid. The phonebook has about a dozen entries.

    That's all I could find. It has a memory card in it but I don't have a reader for it so I can't see if there are photos of him and his missus doing anything untoward as I can't access the menus (read below).

    I powered it up, which it did. Turned it off, inserted my SIM and turned it back on. Detected the network. However, that's when the fun started. The keypad seems to work only intermittently. When it does it looks like that there's a button stuck down somewhere, if it gets to a menu then the thing flies around the screen.

    I connected it via USB to the PC. Windows detects it but fails to make a proper connection. Hardware failure or something it reports.

    The Motorola software won't detect it.

    I've emailed the guy and have requested a refund and will be returning it.

    I might grovel to Telstra and see if it will terminate my contract early without penalty and I'll go and get a new phone on a new contract. If it won't then I'll put up with the dodgy phone and when Optus starts up its 3G network around here I'll go with it.
  2. Respond to the seller and advice him you will need to return it.
  3. http://www.simplymobiles.com.au/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=315

    + wait for contract to end.

    Or ask your providor if they can do you a deal on a handset.

    Note: if you buy a prepaid phone and you're already with that providor, you can just chuck your SIM in the new prepaid phone [you know how they are normally locked to the network to avoid people just buying them cheap?].
    I did this with Optus recently coz my Samsung U700 was a piece of shit.
  4. Optus 3G is end of 2010! So don't hold your breath on it reaching Telstra NextG coverage in a hurry. Get a prepaid for less than a $100 or go to a Telstra shop and I am sure they will restart the contract with a new phone.
  5. :WStupid: Did the same thing. Got myself a new phone cheap and ditched the company supplied hunk of garbage by getting a prepaid and swapping the SIM.
  6. Totally agree, U700 is a POS!

    I had 10 month left of my contract when mine shit itself. I went into the optus shop and they told me it would cost $395 to end the contract.

    Walked in next door to Telechoice (an optus dealer), and they waived the fee and I walked out with an N95 8GB. They even rang optus on my behalf and haggled them down on the handset repayments, saying I seen it next door at Vodafone cheaper and I didn't ask them to. They threw in a free cover as well.
  7. Hah, no way! I think mine lasted about the same amount of time :eek:

    It's usability was pissing me off, and then it got slightly damp when I got caught in the rain while riding and decided the speaker would work intermittently.

    Couldn't be bothered trying warranty. Didn't like it anyway.

    Picked up a prepaid Sony Ericsson K800i for $199 and love it.
  8. I was devastated when my boss bought me the exact same phone to replace the one I left on the roof of the car and then drove off :mad:

    As if anyone would do that by accident to a U700 :LOL:
  9. Well at least you got a new one to leave in the box and sell "as new".

    Mine was used :(
  10. Dude that sucks!!!

    Although iv never had a problem with stuff off ebay...

    Anyway... I work for Telstra give me a PM and ill see what I can do.
  11. Don't forget you can stick a Next G SIM into a spare GSM handset you might have BUT it will only work on GSM which could be a solution if you can live with the reduced coverage.

    You can also stick a GSM SIM into a Next G handset but again it will only work on GSM.

    To get Next G you need a Next G SIM in a Next G compatible handset.
  12. theres some things i just wont buy second hand on gaybay.and a phone is one of 'em.underwear is a different story but... :-$
  13. unless I can't touch before i bid, will never buy anything with more then a few parts on fleabay.

    "you can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter" - wil anderson
  14. The seller has responded. I'll be returning the phone for a full refund.
  15. Don't mean to rub salt in the would but MJT the palm treo you sold me is a dream!!

    It is brilliant and I have to steal it off my SWAMBO as she is addicted to the bubble game on it!!

    Sorry to hear you are having issues with the new one!!

  16. Nah, the liquidators took it off me :(
  17. Rub away, mate.

    When I went back to the Samsung, a while later it started acting up a bit. I started looking around. I needed a phone that would sync with Outlook and the Samsung doesn't do it, well not fully, anyway.

    Then I found that the Motorola V series do. I found this V6, used, on Ebay. Cheap enough if it can last til the end of the contract.

    Anyway, as it turns out it's a PoS. I've since spoken to Telstra who will waive my early termination fees and I'm getting a new Motorola V9.

    So, that should see me out for a while, til the next you beaut gadget comes along, I s'pose...

    Anyway, good to hear that the Treo is doing well.