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Buying used leathers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Grumply, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Well a very generous birthday present from the missus has me set to do a trackday with tuition at Broadford in the near future, so it's finally come time for me to man-up and buy my first ever pair of leather pants.

    I have a Shift Primer leather jacket that I was told (when I bought it) would zip straight in to the Shift pants for track days. However as it turns out, it doesn't and I would need to have a zip sown into the jacket (which will run at $80-100 on top of the $500 for the pants).

    So given that the Shift pants aren't a particularly good fit for me anyway, I'm looking at getting something else entirely (probably a 2-piece race suit). Having tried a bunch of them on yesterday at a store, it seems the Dainese are far-and-away the best fit for me (not just the quality of the leather, but the cut just seems to fit my shape markedly better than the others).

    However I wasn't really expecting a $1000 proposition to get the leathers for this track day, just the $500 for the pants. So in the interests of cost-cutting I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on buying used leathers?

    Given how sweaty I got just taking the ones at the shop on and off, I'm a little hesitant about the prospect, but I was wondering if anyone with a bit more experience with these things could share their thoughts?



  2. Would you wear some elses used under pants, ????????????
  3. People occasionally buy the wrong size leathers, realise after they've worn them once or twice and try to sell them on Ebay. You'll be very lucky to snag a set of Dainese for $500 though, whatever the condition. And in your size.
  4. You can find some really good deals on eBay on the US site. if youre really concerned, just take them to a specialist leather cleaner and they will clean it up as good as new for you.

    Dainese make some really nice leather pants. Have you tried on Alpinestars ones as well?
  5. I was looking at some new Alpinestar / Dainese leathers at Peter Stevens they were $699.00.

    Instead I bought a pair of used leather pants (Black Rose) off a dude from ebay for $90.00. I just cleaned them with a windex cloth and applied some dubbin good as new.

    I just missed a pair of perfect condition Dainese off ebay for $250.00, I wasnt sure of the size so went in to Peter Stevens to try on the size advertised, when I got back to check ebay, the pants had been sold.

    I just bought another new pair off ebay for $115.00 old stock clearance from

    I believe it costs $50.00 to hire a suit so with my budget of $500.00 I am looking at buying 4-5 pairs of leather trousers, summer, touring, race off ebay.
  6. you can buy decent off the shelf leathers for 600-750
  7. I got tiger angel leathers off e-bay and they'd hardly been worn. I wear a suit liner anyway. Try the peter stevens clearance centre or collins leathers or jackson racing. http://www.jacksonracing.com.au/ for track days maybe look at perforated leathers.
  8. Thanks guys, I guess I'll just keep looking in shops and online until I find something that suits (no pun intended).

    A question on sizing though, how tight should leathers for a race track be?

    When I went to PS the other day and tried a bunch on the salesman had me squeezing into sizes that were extremely difficult just to get on (I wear 34" pants/jeans/shorts/everything, and he had me in a pair of 30" Shift Redline Pants), With the Dainese 2-piece suit I tried, the size 50 was the one he suggested I get, and it fit snuggly, but reading up on Dainese sizes on the net today, everything I've read suggests that at a solidly-build 6' tall and 187lbs (183cm, 85kg) I should be getting the size 54.

    Any thoughts on things size-wise?

    Here's me in the 50 Dainese suit (ugly as it is), does it look like an appropriate fit? Is the leather likely to stretch/expand much?

  9. leathers should be tight and not white
  10. Quincey's in Melbourne sells used track-day leathers as one of its specialties.....
  11. Apparently leather stretches.. So i was told by a salesperson when i was looking for a leather jacket the other week. I'm 6'0" and 74kg and I thought that both the 52 and 54 leather jackets fit me well. I'm leaning towards buying a 54 because I am working out and will only be getting bigger from here on (upper body, muscle wise). I imagine a 54 for me will probably always be a little big for me -> i'll get bigger, but so will the jacket. Hmm.

    Good luck getting the right size :)
  12. That looks about right. You MIGHT be okay in a size larger IMO, as I'm not sure how that suit feels when you're in a racing tuck position. Though leathers do stretch a tad, but if it's cutting off your circulation the first time around, then I'd put it back on the rack and try something different. On the other hand, remember that during a crash, you don't want your flesh to get caught in any possible empty pockets in the leather.

    And as far as it being a battle to get on/off, that's the way it's supposed to be. Just to give you an idea, I have to really struggle to get the arms out from my A*'s one-piece if I don't have help (EU size 52, US size 42), and I'm 5'10, ~175 lbs.
  13. you'll probably want a back protector so make sure there's room for that (after you take out whatever comes with the suit)
  14. AMX have leather pants for around $300
  15. Thanks guys, the advice is really appreciated. And termis I'm pretty sure in olden times they'd have burnt me at the stake for demonic possession if they'd seen me squatting, wriggling and writhing about trying to get into the 1-piece suits! :p

    I think that experience pretty much convinced me that 2-piece is the way to go!

  16. yeah that was me selling the dainese pants :)
    i ended up selling them privatly for 300, but would have sold them to you for 250 lol.. i ended up getting a good deal
  17. to get into a brand new one, you need a jar of vaseline and preferably an assistant who wont laugh at you!
  18. Not a perfect result for you but Ive got a 2 piece Dianese suit in size 56 that I no longer need. It has some street cred down one side but superficial only. Knee sliders are worn out. $2000+ suit new. I was keeping it as a spare as I recently upgraded to kangaroo but if you get squeezed I can pass it on.

    I dont think its what you are looking for though so only mentioned as a last resort.
  19. Cheers mate, I appreciate it (y) I'll have to figure out exactly the sizing I need, but I'll get back to you