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Buying Used Bikes From Dealer & Registration

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chief, May 19, 2007.

  1. If you look at any of the dealer ads in Bikepoint or Trading Post they never say when the registration expires. The private sellers do quote when the rego expires. What's the diff? Does that mean if you buy used from a dealer you are still up for a new registration plus some transfer fee? That would mean for any dealer add you would still have to add ORC to their quoted price. Can anyone clarify? Thanks

  2. Thats the usual practice, unless their add says 'Drive Away' which means the listed price includes all the on roads.
  3. I only ever see "drive away" in relation to new bikes not used. Won't used bikes usually still have some amount of rego left?
  4. Hi,
    you will find most dealers will put rego on the bike when they sell it,
    in Qld they usually put 6 months on them.

  5. Yes its the same in NSW, they can put 3mths or 6mths rego on before you buy.
  6. Thanks Chris
    I'm in particularly interested in your reply because I am in Queensland too. Is the 6 month rego usually included in the advertised price?
  7. That's an interesting concept of how they handle the rego on used bikes in QLD. Here in Vic, the rego on the bike will continue when the person trades it, unless it's de-registered. So, when the buyer buys it the rego may have any period between one and twelve months left on it.

    The costs associated with the purchase of the used bike usually amount to the base price of the bike, the stamp duty which is a percentage of the bike's purchase price, transfer fee for the rego and that's about it.

    Some try to hit you with "dealer delivery" charges. One bike that I bought, the dealer tried it on. I said that if he was gonna do that then he could reduce the price of the bike by the corresponding amount. When asked why he should I said that the price of the bike usually includes dealer costs, plus profit margin. He acceded to my request (I had a reduced purchase price which reduced the amount of stamp duty that I paid), and he threw in a Gearsack rack.
  8. Give them a call and ask?
  9. I'm not in Queensland, but when I got my bike from a dealer, the rego ended two days before I was due to pick it up, so they just paid it for me, as part of the on road costs.
  10. I'm thinking about a bike from Redwing honda in melbourne
    they have put 12 months rego on the bike for me!
  11. If a used bike has rego that is about to expire (dealer or private) you can usually haggle the $300 or whatever is required to pay the rego anyway.