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Buying used bike from private seller

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. As the title says, what are the steps and what to look out for?

    Say the seller rocks up with the bike, everything looks good, you hand over 12 grand (bank cheque), the seller signs the back of the rego, then you go to RTA to pay the stamp duty and have it transferred to your name, is that it (what other fees other than stamp duty)?

    Do you need to copy the seller's driver's licence? Or get any specific details from him?

  2. Because redbook blows goats.

    All good advice though. I'll be buying soon and I intend to bribe a NR with beer to help me check one or two bikes out.
  3. Redbook does blow. I've found it tends to be fartoo high for sport bikes.
    And it was too low for some learner bikes.
  4. eBay is a decent indication of what people will pay for a bike. Those links above are good, just make sure the bike is owned by the person signing and make sure that there is no money owing on the bike. I usually get a receipt as well, just handwritten with the other person's details saying that you bought the bike for such and such dollars on such and such date, and then you both sign on the bottom. Not sure if that's necessary but I do it out of habit.
  5. Redbook is a starting point..
  6. Ditto on the eBay thing - although bids do jump up in the last 6 to 12 hours of the listing. The personalised sign-over as per MitchRohr is a good one, too.

    For 12k you'd wanna be buying something nice, so check it out before you commit. The REVs check is a must, that and a good look-over. Perhaps a test ride, too, if you can.

    CHeers - boingk