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Buying Tyres from online...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Cam0, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. After a few months of riding I've been looking into getting some new and better tyres for my 250.

    After doing some reading I found out that Pirelli has released new sizes for the Diablo Rosso II in the state to fit the smaller 250 range. (110/70-17 and 140/70-17)

    I'm set on getting these, however I'm struggling to find anywhere that will ship them to Aus.

    Revzilla are selling the set for $200USD! but won't ship them here and the only other site I have seen them is over $400USD, which is a massive difference.

    So to get to the point, does anyone know any good sites to get tyres from?
  2. RMATV.

    I get all my tyres (road, dirt and track) from them.

    To get the best value for the postage you need to order $699 usd and it only costs $105 usd postage, regardless of package size.
  3. Great site, no joy for the exact tyres I'm after!
  4. Apparently Pirelli have stopped US distributors delivering oversea's so a different manufacturer might be in order.
  5. That maybe the case but I can get them from motorcycleparts2u.com, only problem is they are about double the cost of other sites and not really worth it.
  6. Perhaps that's why...
  7. www.jakewilson.com
    Ive bought a few sets with them and its all good - way fast delivery too.
    Only thing to watch with any online (especially overseas) mob like that is to check the expiry dates on the tyres.
  8. jakewilson.com and RMATV are one and the same.

    you can mix orders, and use frequent buyer points from each site on the other.
  9. Jake wilson dont seem to stock pirelli's. You should be able to get the dunlop alpha's for fitted just over $400 if you haggle locally.

    Also is the shipping still that 100 bucks if you get two of each as could go halves with you?
  10. no shipping cap unfortunately.
  11. With RMATV, or jake wilson, anything up to $699 is only $105 delivery. Go to $700+ and the shipping goes up fast.

    We often get a group buy together and split the delivery cost between us, you end up paying about $17 del per $100 spent.

    The table is listed below..

    Order Total Total shipping rate – To your door:
    $0.01 to $99.00- $50.00
    $99.01 to $199.00- $55.00
    $199.01 to $299.00- $65.00
    $299.01 to $399.00- $75.00
    $399.01 to $499.00- $85.00
    $499.01 to $599.00- $95.00
    $599.01 to $699.00 -$105.00
    $699.01 to $799.00- $280.00
    $799.01 to $899.00- $290.00
    $899.01 to $999.00- $300.00
    $30.00 for each $100.00 beyond $999...
  12. Be interested to know where people are buying their race slicks
  13. I bought a set of Pirelli Diablo's from http://www.motosport.com/ two weeks ago and couldn't be happier.
    Flat rate shipping of $30 (for orders over $200) and less than 2 weeks turnaround.
    All in all I paid $250 for the set, cheapest in Australia was $340.
    Oh, and they are Pirelli's so that shipping restriction someone mentioned before doesn't seem to apply in this case.
  14. Sbk,

    Wasn't referring to RMATV although have pointed it to a few mates who are looking to get some tyres from there, just not the ones I'm after!


    I often check that site out, however this past week it will only show me one set of tyres, which is rather strange.

    Thanks for all the imput guys, the search continues.
  15. Looks like im just going to stick with a local, dunlop alpha 12's from Micks bike and car tyres, dunlop alpha 12's 10/70/17 & 140/70/17 $370.00 Fitted & Balanced with rims off the bike, add $60 if they remove the rims and fit tires.
    Apparently these are a better tire on the small ninja's
  16. are they the GPR 200? I've been told the GPR are good for the ninja and only $350 fitted from team moto
  17. I have just checked and you are right, it only shows 1 tire, weird... When I was shopping for tires only 3 weeks ago it was showing heaps of them, maybe a website error?
    If you know which tires you want why not drop them an email and ask, or even try the "chat" option under their Contact button?
  18. I got a reply from them this morning also don't stock them in the sizes I need, oh well looks like I need to suck it up and fork out the cash or get a similar tyre locally
  19. Mate, ring up Micks bike & car tyres at brendale, probly the best prices in town