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Buying Track bikes overseas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slideways, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Whats the go!

    Reading around a bit - its seems its quite difficult to 'import' a bike (i.e. to put it on the road here)

    But what are the laws around buying a non-reg bike, to use only on tracks here?

    Reason I ask, my Dad goes to the US nearly once a quarter for work, and bikes there are so much cheaper. through his company account I can have them shipped here for a good price as well.

    But I dont want to go thru with a sale only to have it stopped by customs.

    Obviously, battery and any fluids would need to be drained etc.

    Parts are so easily imported. if worst came to worse, could I buy a bike, and send it over in 2 shipments as 'parts' ???
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    Check here http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4371.asp
    By brother has imported a heap of cars and a Jet Ski and there are really no issues.
    You will need a VIA if it considered a road vehicle. If not it needs an assessment anyway.

    The IO2 General Application form has provisions for importing for track use.
    Vehicles in parts are covered in the link I gave.
  3. Just seeing what people have to say about this . I considerd buying a track bike last year when I was in the UK on holiday very cheap compared to here . Didn't get to far at the time but still in the back of my mind .
  4. Just dont buy from America....their bikes are left hand drive ;)

    Seriously, why not just buy locally? plenty of track bikes going for cheap ATM.................unless you really want a specific high value trackie then I think buying a bike that youve sat on and seen would be a safer bet.
  5. track bikes here are cheap, I agree too. It seems like it would cost about the same anyway. Unless as mentioned you went for some real high cost / low volume bike from the USA.

    Only other thing is buying here, you can if possible to do so, take the bike to the same mechanic that has known it from day 1.

    I paid $5.5K for a 3 year old cbr600rr, raced in ASBK supersport the first year of it's life, then a track bike for 18 months, has everything done to it already and a lot of the parts have been made or fitted locally, so easy to get adjustments, info etc done.
  6. its just so ridiculously cheap, I had to inquire about it.

    I can buy a bike + a spare engine, and ship it back for cheaper than buying here. (plus I would probably buy another 2 bikes or so to throw in the container, to sell here for a little bit of $$ on the side)
  7. Let me know if your going to buy one I may be interested :)
  8. You'll still need an Import Approval but if you declare that the vehicle is for track use only, the Approval is easier to obtain. However, it will be marked to the effect that the vehicle can never be licenced for the road.

    That's how it was up to 2007 anyway. I don't know if any changes have occurred since.
  9. I did a bit of sniffing around on this also, some really really cheap bikes from a central salvage yard that services all the US insurance company claims , e.g .low K's Ducati 999 / 749 for $1200 others make an offer.
    BUT !
    Many vehicles at the moment in salvage are flood damaged , can you imagine the damage done to bikes on the East coast after that hurricane especially as most of it was SALT water.
    Unless you can view the bike in person.

    Walk briskly away and don't look back

    I picked up a really well specked late model R6 locally with lots of goodies , I just took my time and filtered a lot of bullshit and dodgie people with broke arse bikes described as "ready to ride and in good condition"
    which were like glossed turds.
    You just have to be patient and take a friend with sound mechanical experience for a second set of eyes.