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Buying stuff when overseas

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by joeyyyy, May 29, 2007.

  1. Being in Italy I figured this is a perfect place to pick up some AGV and Dainese stuff for when I get home. Its locally manufactured and should cost less.


    Well I wandered into a few stores yesterday to look at an AGV GP Pro helmet with the Rossi Decals on it and got quoted 400, 489 and 489 euro (670, 800, 800 AUD).

    I saw today standard GP Pro's Advertised for $530 and the superior Ti Tech for $500 (less?) at Peter Stevens.

    Dainese seems to be impossible to find here so am yet to compare prices.

    Will need some assistance here from you guys. Can someone find me some more prices of Ti Tech and GP Pro's in oz? Im in Melb but sure the price wont vary that much accross oz.

    Also love to hear your experiences with buying gear O/S.

    Peace n love.

  2. i bought a pair of harley boots in canada. with the exchange rates and a deal from the shop cause i was an aussie, i saved over $100 on the going aus rate
  3. I wouldnt recommend buying a helmet OS - unless for some whacky reason they decide to conform with Australian Standards AND actually have the sticker on them. I have heard plenty of people say that the first time they get pulled over by the cops, there goes the helmet (to impound).

    drop into the US on the way back - on leathers, if you bought 2 sets (one for you and one to sell (dont tell customs this), you would just about pay for the extra flights....
  4. Er. If the helmet is identical (Ie. I assume if I buy a GP Pro here, its still a GP Pro in Australia, made with the same materials) why should it be unroadworthy?
  5. Because it HAS to have the Australian Standards sticker to be legal to wear on the roads in Australia. No sticker, not legal. Might sound dumb but that's the way the law is.
  6. Yes, or else the cops would have to know every helmet in the world and whether it was the same as an approved one or not. That's silly, therefore the law requires you have the sticker.

    Ti-tech Rossi retails at $849 here, less any shop discount. Why pay 800 over there and have to carry it home?