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buying secondhand bike - interstates?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kynyt1703, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    as title states, do you think its a risky thing to do?

    im looking at this bike in melb, (im from sydney) and its going for a ok decent price for the condition and kms etc.

    I have no one to suss out if the bike is ok or not, but with the odometer less than 1000, no scratches at least from what i know. female owner so it doesnt seem as bad. and with transport fees its still cheap. its reasonably cheap not dodgy cheap. comes with no rego.

    I just dont know if its a safe thing to do...this would be my first bike if that helps.

    Ive seen some motorbike transporters can do an inspection on the bike, but ive been quoted $300 just to have a quick check, and if i want them to pay for me, thats another $300! and thats all on top of like transporting the bike to me.

    (not sure if this is the right place to ask, but can anyone also rec me a reputable bike transporter/checker that is also decently priced)?

  2. I looked at doing something similar when I was shopping around. There was Street Triple R for a really enticing price (cheap transport too) up in Sydney that I was sorely tempted to get. But in the end, I decided sight-unseen for a used bike was simply too risky.

    The other important thing to consider is compliance for registration in another state - if there are any issue (and with used bikes there usually are) you may find that any financial benefit you get from purchasing interstate could be quickly negated.

    That said, if you're really set on it, it's fairly cheap to fly down one-way, check the bike out and ride it home if you're happy with it.
  3. Registration can be a lottery in NSW as you might get the notice that it has to be reinspected (which is randomly drawn) which will be more cost and hassle.

    You have to buy plates as well at least.

    Having said that I did it with my DR, but it was ridden here but had WA plates. I got a good deal, would I bother ordering one sight unseen- probably not.
  4. I bought an interstate bike had him film and post it on you tube sounded fine looked fine seemed like a genuine bloke. The bike down to victoria and the prick had swapped the good engine for a ****ed one with dodgy valve clearances and its now a big paper weight, I chased the bloke for over 6 months and got nowhere.
    If your going to even think about buying interstate get on a flight and go and have a look at it, take it for a ride or get a local mate to have a look at it. Have the cash or payment ready to go and take it there then or have a bike transport bloke take it straight away.
    Trust noone, hopefully it wont happen to you mate
  5. hmm, i guess its really not worth the pain. I didn't really thought about the different state matter, like need inspection checks, plates, and all that other fuss. and never thought about that the bike could be stolen or what not. and i hate surprises rocking up my doorsteps.

    thanks for the tips and help guys, very much appreciated :)
  6. Probably easier to just buy a local bike.