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Buying Riding Gear - Local vs. Internet vs. ...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by gato, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. I have the need to buy riding gear for the missus - the whole works. Be her first step into motorcycles, before she gets her own. So, initially I thought of staying local in melbourne - PS. But after some investigation on the 'net, I discover that the price difference is quite huge.

    For example:
    a Dainese jacket:
    AUD$950 at PS

    USD$520 at some online shop (based somewhere in the EU)
    => ~ AUD$620 after conversion.

    That's over AUD$300 saving!!!

    NOTE: I don't know how much shipping, postage & handling will cost.

    Does anyone have any experiences with buying riding gear from the 'net? I have a number of questions I thought some of youse with experience may be able to answer:

    1) What are the overheads like (shipping, postage & handling)?
    2) Will the goods get slapped on with taxes upon arriving in oz?
    3) Recommendation: better to stick locally? Or go ahead with 'net shopping?

    Basically: WHAT'S THE CATCH?
    The price difference is so significant I would expect everyone to be buying from these internet shops. However, I get the impression that most people buy their stuff from the local shops.

    If anyone is interested I can post up the 'net shop address.

    Cheers for any help.

  2. Heaps of things can be cheaper from overseas but there are a few things to consider;

    1. If you get any part of your order wrong, even if they are willing to exchange you will still be up for postage for sending the item back and postage for the replacement.
    2. If you are paying by credit card, some have actually quite bad exchange rates/fees for purchasing foreign currency.
    3. Not sure if you are looking for a helmet, but they won't have the AS sticker required to make them legal here, even if the same model is for sale here.

    In the long run though not sure exactly how much you are going to really save but perhaps if you are buying an entire set of riding gear, it may still be worthwhile. Personally I'd check out the local stores to see what discounts they can offer, also gives the benefit of having it now. I'm all for immediate gratification.
  3. If you've been checking out that Dainese site (can't recall the name, something .be), the shipping charges are outrageous. Something like AUD$250 to get a jacket here. I looked at all the options when I was buying my gear and in the end bought it all locally. I got the benefit of a ~10% discount for buying it all at once, I got to try it all on and I've got recourse to an Australian based business should anything go wrong. After I tallied it all up the difference was negligible, something in the order of $50 one way or the other... such a small difference I've actually forgotten which way.
  4. One advantage of shopping locally is that you can try the gear on. Of course, if you can do that then buy that product over the net, all well and good. But, personally, I'd feel a bit of a prick if I did that, wasting a sales assistant's time and them thinking that they'll get a decent sale.
  5. The site I'm referring to is this: http://www.bimoto.eu/en/moto/jackets/index.htm

    I stumbled upon it and couldn't believe the price!

    I agree, if the price difference is minimal I would go local - support the local market, have recourse if the need arises - waranty cases etc, getting what you actually have tried out. I agree with all the replies above.

    But the price difference just got me. In fact, it made me want to get some for myself! :idea:

    Fitty, is this the site you're referring to? If the shipping cost is that outrageous, then... yeah, i'll go local. Feeding more money into PS! So, anyone has any ideas on how to get discounts there?
  6. PS isn't the only bike dealer in town, is it?
  7. I'd say it's imperative to know the proper sizes for the gear you want. Go to your local shops, try the gear on, and at least give them the option of getting close to internet prices, after shipping and all that. If after negotiations, price is close enough (say 10% or so), then give them the business. On the other hand, if price difference is still multiple-triple digits, then it's fair game to go internet IMO. (Plus you have the sizing info you need at this point in time)

    My credit cards charge about 2% total above the going spot rate, which is usually helluva lot better than changing cash anyway.

    I understand that order amount below AU$1000 can come in duty free, so watch the huge bulk orders (though I dunno if duty savings is worth ordering in say, two separate lots).

    As for intl shipping obviously varies by company, but some folks here report good experience with http://www.ridersdiscount.com/ -- US$25 shipping to Aus on any order size.

    And as mentioned above, helmets are the only thing that MUST be bought locally.
  8. +1
  9. That's the one.
  10. Walk into local dealer, tell them how much you can get it on the net for delivered. Tell them you want to give them first option. They'll usually come rather close. That way the local dealers still get sales and you get local support. The more you buy from the net the less chance your local dealer has of surviving.
  11. Here's a couple of things to also take into consideration:

    GST - Anything you're purchasing locally will have the 10% GST as part of the cost. So don't automatically assume the retailer is jacking the price and pocketing all the difference from what you can get overseas. It might be worth remembering that GST is used by the Govt for all sorts of things, including building and maintaining roads.

    Fit - I will not buy any clothing or boots that I can't try on first because a size Medium is not always a standard size depending on the manufacturer. Saving money on something that arrives in the mail and then doesn't fit is a false economy.

    Defective goods - If you have a problem with the zipper, some stitching isn't right, or it's simply not what you ordered then it's gonna cost you $$$ to get that addressed with an overseas company. Much easier to ride back down to your local store and take it up with them.

    Competition - Shop around locally. Personally I try to support the independant guys where possible as you'll usually get quality service from them. There are several shops here in Melbourne aside from PS so go have a chat to them and see what they can do for you.

    Good luck!
  12. If the jacket you were looking at is a Newsan (RRP is about $900) then you can buy it for $599 anyway. That's how much I paid for mine, got it from A1 though PS also had it at that price and I'm sure any other store would have done it too.
  13. I did try to support the local shops, but they couldn't get the product I was after (Icon Bombshell boots).

    I rang the distributors here, who were very helpful in telling me the retailers they usually supply. But the distributors didn't know exactly when they'd be getting the next batch of boots, though they thought it would be October; and they weren't at all confident they'd get the full range of sizes they requested, as they had missed out on the last several deliveries.

    Basically they seemed to be at the mercy of the US - these boots are popular over there and I think we might get 'bits of whatever's left'.

    I then rang the retailers here, most of whom didn't have any sizes left at all. Kawasaki SharpTune in Dandenong did, but they weren't my size. (I was able to try on the ones that they did have, and guesstimate which US size to buy). The guy there was very helpful and tried to see if any backorders had arrived at the distributors, but even he ended up telling me I'd be better off buying it over the net - (a) to get the right size, and (b) because there was no guarantee that there would be an October delivery, and if I was in a hurry (which I wasn't, really) then it was a long time to wait.

    The obvious downside is that I had to do lots of online product review research, and try to work out what size to buy. Luckily, I seem to have bought the 'right' size (US6). I was watching a few of the sellers on eBay and there was one particular seller (plymouth-motorsports) who put the boots on special every now and then. I waited till it was listed at 20% discount, for US$136, and then bought it. Together with about US$56 for postage, I think I paid about A$240 all up. This compares with A$199 if I could have found my size locally. For the extra $41 I was happy to be able to buy the size I needed, and they arrived safe and sound in about a week.

    In terms of your question (see, I knew there was a point to my post somewhere) I would try to get the items locally, so that they can be tried on - for women in particular, motorcycle gear seems to be even more variable and 'challenging fit' sizewise than normal clothes. If the price isn't much more than the net option, I'd support the local retailers. However if you just can't get the items you want, and you've rung everyone to the point that they're telling you to go overseas, then do that but make sure you buy from a reputable place which has an exchange or return policy if you need it. (Or else you could try on-selling the item locally, if it turns out to be unsuitable). If you feel that the prices here are much higher than the net options, after you've factored in postage, and after you've tried to negotiate with the local sellers, then go in with 'eyes wide open' and buy from overseas. Just be aware it's slightly more risky - the item could be lost or delayed in the post, or you'll end up with something that's not quite right, and then it's more difficult/costly to get customer service.

    Hope that ramble helped slightly :)
  14. Well I thought I'd support the local shop and distributor too, but I have to question whether they deserve it.

    I ordered some knee armour on the 24/8 using an online order with a sydney shop. Order confirmed and money taken.

    I had to ring them to ask where it was at on the 3/9. They contacted their distributor and rang me back. To quote them: The distrubtor "are hopeless and are back-logged and only getting onto last weeks orders now"!

    The shop were apologetic and have since rung again to apologise for the delay, which is nice enough, but they are being let down by their distributor.

    I've had other delays recently too with my local bike shop having to back-order my helmet (nearly 2 weeks) and draggins (nearly 3 weeks).

    Next time when I know what I want I am going to try one of the recommended US sites spoken about here on NR. I figure I may just get the goods cheaper and faster.
  15. Perhaps it's the catch 22 situation at play. Local retailers don't want to order and carry stock when they lose sales overseas, and in doing so customers that want items immediately will not support local retailers because they don't carry stock all the time.
  16. It's pretty simple for me.

    I'll walk into a shop here and if they have what I want I'll buy it here. But if they don't have it and have to 'order it in' then thanks, but I get straight online and buy from the US.

    I've had too many orders that have taken 3-4 weeks or more to deliver from local online sites to bother with them anymore. When I order from the US it's always been 5-10 days.
  17. update: contacted bimoto via website, asking for shipping charges. still waiting for a reply...
  18. Don't forget - 2nd hand on eBay is a fantastic alternative?
  19. newsan for $600?

    I went into MCAS in sydney and they wanted $999....

    how long ago did you get yours from PS? I may hae to get my sister to pick one up as she lives in melbourne...
  20. Saw some Newsan in PS clearance centre in A'Beckett St. on Friday last for $599. Sizes are getting limited. Look them up and give them a call.