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Buying riding boots. Sidi B2's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aeroplanejerry, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. hey guys im looking at some Sidi B2 boots

    they on mcas website.( i cant post links caus i aint made 5 posts yet:(

    Just wanted to ask out there for there ideas on this boot or recomend another boot or type of boot.

    I tried them on at shop they felt good and i like the protection around the calft and ankle and how they slim around then toe area caus i dont like chunky boots. But ive also looked at the Gaerne GSW's which have the coment that the boot has anti ankle twist properties which sounds good. But the Sidi B2's dont say this,but by the looks of them they look like they would.

    I guess im asking for recomendations and what you guys have. thanks guys my ankles cant wait to hear your replies.

    and at risk of being a silly quesiton,just for curiousity i wont look silly(or be non practical) wearing boots like this on my 05' VTR250. Like me on my L's on a VTR250 with mad race/street boots. I know at the end of the day if they protecting me dont worry about silliness factor.

    thanks in advance guys and girls
  2. You buy boots for practicality , not for what they look like when you is riding your bike.
  3. ask lucy, i reccommended her some riding boots :grin:
  4. The Sidi B2's are an excellent choice. I was going to buy a pair but decided to stretch my budget to the Sidi Vertigo's.
  5. lady at the mcas store convinced me to go with the Gaerne GR-W

    If you can stretch another $50 they look like a more solid boot (the sidi was my first choice, till I saw the Gaerne)
  6. cool yeah i will try go have look at the gaerne's. Sidi Vertigos i saw them,saw how they had that funky inner linning with some cord. but yeah thanks Grange i understand.praticality not looks when choosing. i was not sure weather touring boots like the goretex alpinestars ive seen were better suited to me needs.
  7. I've got Gaernes - can't remember the model, but the non-waterproof ones. They are mostly waterproof unless riding for a fair while in heavy rain.

    Mostly comfortable now - took a while to wear in and the screw through the ankle plate lines up exactly with the point of - guess what - my ankle bone. Painful then, but seems to have disappeared now. I can walk a reasonable distance before they start to bite.

    They are lasting really well, now three years old and look practically new. Were the cheapest of the type at MCAS in Sydney city at the time.

    Like anything though, shop around and try them on, go for the best combination of comfort, fit and price.

  8. Same.
    Not cheap though :(
  9. You're a bad man goz lol

    I got my gear at MCAS and the staff were great. Go with the best you can on the budget you have. As long as they are comfortable and do the job thats what matters.
  10. I wear Sidi Vertigos, Shoei X-11, leather jacket and gloves and back protector on my 06 VTR250 when I go riding...I hope no-one is laughing at me :(

    Joke is on them though I guess when they need help to pee after they crash.
  11. I'm on a Hornet and wear Sidi B2s, Alpinestars jacket, reinforced leather gloves, hornee jeans and AGV Ti-Tech helmet. Haven't got a back protector yet.

    Who cares what others think? You might look like a dolt if you wear a full leather race suit on a 50cc scooter, certainly not a VTR250. I think it looks cool being kitted out.
  12. this info is good.yeah i just got home from mcas :grin: . talked with the guy there and he said they both great boots sidis and gaerne,and firstly tried on the vertigos. then i tried on the GRW's and i was like oooo this is comfortable.the vertigos were nice but my foot shape was better in the grw's. so im happy as Larry.\ :LOL: like i tried on b2s aswell but at the end of day the GRW's fit like a glove...... but on my foot instead..hehe
    so yeah now im on blue 05 vtr250. white hornee camo's, ixon jacket with shark rsf2i helmet. so im sweet now. thanks heap guys and girls you all nail it on the head.cool seeing your replies,helps with my noob-i-tis. oh yeh and i got thedririder gloves.
    yeah Lucky luke no one gonna llaugh and like jisk said the dude in the 50cc with race leathers gonna be morethank ful than the guy i saw the other day with the blue footy shorts riding a scooter :?
  13. SIDI VERTIGO CORSA (WHITE) - boots that look good and im pretty sure they will make you go faster, and even if they dont, people will see you with them on and think your a machine!
  14. Are you still talking boots with that last line lol
  15. haha, if youve seen those boots you would no what i mean!
  16. yeah nah his right they are a nice boot. look mean. hehe sirian i think i know what you meant by that...
  17. The B2's are great mate. I have a pair and I'm very happy with them. I would recommend them.
  18. Bad me lol

    So when are you getting them? I am hoping I have time on Tuesday to get my boots.
  19. hey sirian.i actually was there there on thursday and picked them up. yeah just grab one of the workers there as soon as you walk in i. i think i noticed on theyre website and in the shop the sidi vertigos are $549 but at sydneycitymotorcycles they got em for $499. so i reckon you could get em to bring price down $50. see how your bargening skills are.Im hopeless at it sometimes.
  20. Thanks for the tip :)

    So are you all geared up now? After my boots are the Draggin Jeans, man this stuff cost lol