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Buying Pocket bikes from eBay

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by egiste, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. I am thinking of getting a couple of toys for the backyard and have seen pocket bikes going cheap on ebay. Now they are the cheap ones, 50cc aircooled 2 stroke, but just what Im looking for.

    I have heard mixed reviews of the condition that some turn up in, but thats the ebay risk.

    Any thoughts, ideas on where else to get one for really cheap ?? Anyone had experience buying pocket bikes from ebay ??
  2. this was discussed here a while back and we tried to organise a group buy but got SFA interest from the sellers.

    From what i can find out the clutch/gearing on the cheap E-Bay bikes is the problem, aparently the Harley type bikes will carry a 70kg+ lump around due to the gearing, the 'sport' type bikes struggle and burn clutches all the time, you can change the gearing but then your puttering around.
  3. I've never bought pocket bikes from Ebay, but I've bought a few electric scooters for people from there (for about half the priced they have them in the shops here for) and they were brilliant.
    Checking their Ebay negs should give you a really good idea who you are dealing with.
  4. Damn I've lost some money on E-bay, I can copy/paste an E-bay email sent to me by e-bay/paypal and show how dishonest it is. 9 million dollars in dishonesty. (U.S. $)

    You gotta be careful on E-bay, feedbak scores are not enough to stop being scammed. Personaly I've lost over $200 U.S on E-bay scams from sellers with over 98% possative feed back.

    $140 U.S. on the workshop manual for my Voyager that never arrived was a real piss-off. Also haveing my paypal account emptied was another let-down.

    You just gotta be careful if you want to ebay/paypal.
  5. Heaps of the little buggers getting around out here. From all reports the quality leaves a lot to be desired ie some are fine and others just shite. Anyway, I'd llike one too. :p
  6. The regs on pocket bikes are pretty strict in Victoria now, it's illegal to sell anything that doesn't comply with the new ADRs - and yes that does apply to interstate Ebay traders. Worth checking if they comply with the regs (or that the seller is even aware they exist), although there's no law against owning or buying a non-ADR pocket bike (just the risk it might fall apart).
  7. I bought my pocket bike on ebay about 1.5 years ago when they where the in thing it came ok delivered by tnt 50cc 2 stroke electric and pull start the electric bit died after about six months but bike kept going motor wise, spring broke as i think i was too fat for the bike said it could take 100kg i am 125kg lol. but i re-enforced the frame with some metal bars and it was fine. sold it about 4 months ago.

    Just remembered you get what u pay for.

    Cheers Monty
  8. dude, speak with Bandit R1 coz she races pocket bikes... I'm sure she picked hers up cheaply from Ebay and will fill you in on all the trick mods she's installed since :wink:

    If you can pick them up cheaply and want to do a group buy thingy then I'd be interested, I can easily offload it when I go OS next year but will have tonnes of fun on it til then :grin: