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Buying parts and accessories overseas

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by robbied, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. I know this has been talked about lately,

    But up until recently I thought that buying parts and accessories in Australia was fine and that the prices here are similair with the rest of the world.

    I was so wrong! I am all for keeping money in our economy and supporting Aussie businesses I really am, but I cannot stand being swindled here just because "bikes aren't as popular here as in the U.S.".

    Most of the time the parts/accessories come from around the world, to the official Australian distributor (where the price is marked up) then to the retailer (where the price is marked up again) and finally to the customer.

    I am not going to be buying another major part or accessory in Australiaagain unless the pricing is reasonably similair with world-wide pricing.

    Maybe one day retailers will realise that we have global shopping networks in place and that they are not the only option for customers.

    Some good sites:
  2. That is fine, except on a couple of issues.

    First, if you buy a part that is mechanical or electrical you will generally not be covered by warranty. Eg. powercommanders and fuel injection modules.
    Second. The some bits like helmets and bike bits (lights etc.) are not roadworthy in Aus.
    Third. Some shops that distribute parts into Aus. may not fit items not bought through them.

    Other than this, totally agree! :)
  3. Yeah the warranty is an issue with some parts but there are a lot of things for which that wouldnt be an issue.

    Thats right, I know first hand about the lights not being adr approved :(

    If a shop wouldnt fit an item on my bike because I didnt buy it through them I would go elsewhere in a heartbeat. Just because you have got a better deal on an item elsewhere doesnt mean they should deny a service to a paying customer.
  4. www.kneedraggers.com are pretty good as well

    and I bought my pillion helmet off ebay in the sates no complaints its exactly the same shark model i bought here just missing a sticker

  5. It would help if the government did not put their customs duties on imported goods, then the 10% GST on top of that price. Not to mention the shipping costs to bring the items to Australia.

    After all that you may understand why it is more expensive here
  6. Still doesn't explain some of the markups I've seen :mad: .

    Warranty? Well, I'm an old cynic who's yet to see a warranty worth the paper it's written on.

    Roadworthiness? I don't buy helmets that often so I'll live with Aust prices. Lighting and stuff is acceptable under the ADRs if E marked. No further proof of roadworthiness is generally required so careful buying will give you no problems.

    Fitting? Noone touches my bike except me so no problem there.

    And yes, I would be prepared to pay a little extra to support local industry, but more than double or even three times the price in some cases?

    I don't think so.