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Buying oil in bulk

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by burna, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know where I could buy oil in bulk west of Melb?

    I have been using Motul 5100 10w-40 in my Sprint, but at $70/4 litres I'm wondering if it is cheaper buying a drum or a box of 4 litre bottles. Does anyone do this? Does it work out cheaper?

    I have no particular allegiance to Motul.


  2. I was wondering the exact same thing recently (same oil too). Very keen to hear an answer.
  3. Their headquarters are in QLD, they have a sales enquiry email address
    General Sales Enquires: sales@linkint.com.au
    Ask them and they'll probably tell you a dealer out west who you could order 20L through or a box of the 4 or 5L containers.
  4. So far my enquiries have come up with zip. I did contact the Motul importer via their website. They gave me the contact for another distributor who only sells to businesses.
    I contacted Blackwoods, they got back to me with a quote on a 20L drum for about $390. I can buy 4L containers at my local bike shop for $70, not exactly a saving.
  5. Yaeh, if the delivery charges don't kill it, Ebay might be the go.
    Are you at all friendly with a local garage or bike shop who might be willing to order a drum on your behalf with minimal mark-up?
  6. ^ that was my thought too - local shop that might help out. After all - it's just another spares order...
  7. Ebay prices are the same as the shop + shipping. I might try asking the bike shop for a bulk price.
  8. If you pay a deposit and they know they've got a definite sale you'd reckon it's no skin off their nose to help you out.
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  9. At the very least you could use that advertised Sydney price to bargain at a local dealer.
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  11. If you're not particular about the specific oil, because really, bike oils are a con job at best, try a decent truck stop.
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    Are you saying car and motorbike oil are the same?

    On topic: Check out the Penrite synthetic range which can be had in 20L pretty cheap, most of them are JSA standard approved which means they have the required friction additives for a wet clutch bike, have high zinc content for anti-wear and usually your local Autobarn can get them in for you.
  13. Yes. Because instead of writing "Bike oils are a con", I actually wrote "There is no difference between bike oils and car oils", and what I meant by that was "You can put any and all car oils in a bike engine".

    Or not.
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  14. No, truck/diesel oil is often suitable for a bike, but car oil rarely is.
    Your bike has a wet plate clutch (usually) and it and the gearbox and engine share the same oil. Typical car oils are "friction modified" and that will cause your bike clutch to slip and malfunction. Diesel oils do not usually contain the friction modifier additives. Provided the oil meets the specification required for your bike and is of a suitable viscosity range it should be fine in your bike.
    There is an oil thread with an extensive discussion about this and some specific oils are recommended and have been tested by members with good results.
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  15. It was a genuine question, not an attack. Unbunch your knickers. When you claim bike oil is a con, why?
  16. Do you have a link handy for that thread? I have searched but have come up with the proverbial 'fcuktons' of oil threads.
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    It's a common topic to come up on every bike forum and often ends up in ... heated discussion.

    To be on topic, Penrite offer several oils rated for motorcycle use (as well as car and light diesel) in 20L drums that can be found at Repco, Supercheap and the like. Once in a while they pop up in the sale catalogues as well.
  18. Yes it would seem so! I have done a lot of reading since first making this thread.