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Buying New

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bass_player, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Just a quick question. Once off my restrictions I plan to purchase a Triumph Daytona 675. When buying a brand new bike, what sort of bargaining powers do we have in regards to getting them to throw in say a helmet and jacket or something like that????

    To be honest I'm not expecting anything at all as the only triumph dealer here in adelaide is Peter Stevens and their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. But I'd still like to hear what others have managed to get thrown in with their new buys.



  2. Only incentive for a dealer to drop their price on a bike is if they're competing against another dealer.

    Fex "I can buy this bike for $X over there, what can you do for me?"

    Umm and ahhing and saying you want a discount will only get you the standard $50 off, 'just come on and buy it ya tightass' discount :)
  3. Go in at the end of the month when the sales guys are hungry to make up their quota for the month and then try it on. If they don't offer you anything, walk away and go back in a week.

    I got new pipes and a MRA screen thrown in on my Hayabusa at Peter Stevens that way (was end of financial year too).

    Goodluck RN
  4. Yeah it's a tough one when there's no competition. You have to make them think you're ready to buy immediately, but unless you're offered a sweetener you won't bother.

    It doesn't help that the bike you're after is so sought-after that buyers in the first year had to wait months after putting down a deposit before even seeing their bikes.
  5. Wear a short skirt and smile sweetly!!!! :wink:

    I just asked for the best they could do for me with the bike and bits I wanted. They ended up selling three other bikes in a couple of months 'cos they looked after me, so make sure you talk about how you know people who are also looking.
  6. ...also, its often about what they can do for you afterwards. I've always had discounts on servicing 'cos if they look after me, I look after them :wink:
  7. That would work on me if I was a salesman! You hot chicks get it too easy. I bet you get less speeding tickets than us blokes as well!

    If they dont give you any discount at all, buy the bike on a credit card. At least you should get enough frequent flyer points for a trip somewhere!
  8. If you are looking to get a Daytona 675 and expect a discount you may be disappointed. This bike is pretty heavily sought after and because there aren't many of them around they don't tend to stay on showroom floors for very long. So basically the dealer knows that if you don't buy the 675 at their price someone else will be more than happy to.
    The best you can hope for is to maybe get your first service chucked in for free or maybe some merchandise.
    Triumph, unlike the jap big 4, have not flooded the market with their product so they do not need to take desperate messures (ie: price reductions, runout sales etc.) to clear the excess stock from their showrooms.
    But there is one perk thrown in when it comes to buying a 675- Because it won bike of the year, If you purchase 12months insurance for it from QBE, you receive another 12 months insurance for it absolutely free. (for me that is a saving of $1,600)

    Oh and dude, Don't worry about a bargain for it. No matter what you pay the 675 is worth every penny :grin: :grin:
  9. hi i would like to know abt the other prices apart frm the machin price itself when it comes to buying new..thanks
  10. Well the rrp of the Daytona is $14,890. Add to that:
    A greenslip. ($453 for me) That takes into account your age and location I think.
    Rego and stamp duty. I don't have exact figures for these atm.
    Dealer delivery charges. This is where the dealer makes money on the bike. It may also include charges for the labour involved in performing the pre delivery.
    So if you can get a 675 out the door for $16,200 to $16,500 you should be pretty happy.

    PS. I can't help but think there is something i have forgotten, but maybe that's me just going a bit mental.

    Cool, hope this helps :cool: .
  11. wats rego and duty stamp?
  12. I bought my first bike at Peter Stevens in Adelaide. It was a 4 year-old, low km VTR250. The salesman was reasonably good but he was working used bike sales, not new Triumphs. Nowhere near as good as the Sydney shop I recently bought new from(Sydney City Motorcycles at Kogarah) but I didn't come out disappointed at Peter Stevens.

    As it was the first time I had bought a bike, and I hadn't found Netrider at the time, I went in stone cold. The bike wasn't exactly cheap and I didn't really haggle yet he still ended up throwing in a $400 Helmet and still wound the price of the bike down a bit.

    It was the end of January when I bought which I thought was the busy season for sales so less likely to get a good deal. But he still did something for me.
  13. With a popular model, hard to get a good deal, supply and demand should keep the price up there.

    You could always try Melbourne, and if the deal is good enough, fly over and easy ride back, gives you a memorable collection of your bike and ready for first service.

    Saw a dealer at Port Lincoln but didn't realise so far from Adelaide :shock:

    And maybe a low km used one, but if you want new go for it.
  14. Rego= Registration. The amount you have to pay to the RTA (or whatever governing body you have in SA) in order for your bike to be legally ridden on the road.
    Stamp Duty= is a once only tax you pay when purchasing a vehicle. It is calculated in a cents from the dollar sort of way, eg Purchase price is $10, and stamp duty fee is 5c in the dollar, so it comes to 50c.

  15. oh ok icic...thanks for the info