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Buying new local vs interstate

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Powers, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,
    I am looking at buying a new bike soon (drz400sm) and have found they are cheaper in vic (I'm in Sydney). I have compared the costs including freight and rego (green slip, stamp duty, plates, blue slip) and it has come up nearly 300 cheaper to buy it from vic and get it shipped up.
    I understand it's not a good idea to buy something you haven't seen but this is a brand new product, with a warranty.
    Am I about to make a big mistake by doing this or should I pay the extra for going local?

  2. Brand new with warranty 300 cheaper I see no issue at all.
  3. i'm in Qld and purchased a new 4wd from Sydney. Same deal, no probs at all.
    More organising and running around, but if it saves you lots then its worth it.
    I wouldnt hesitate doing it for a bike, for a 2nd hand bike though....no way.
    i think you will be right, just get some insurance :)
  4. Out of fairness give your local bloke a chance to price match, if they aren't interested then go ahead and get it interstate, and then tell everyone that you can about the great deal you got!!
  5. While your local dealer have to honour the manufacturer's warranty, I would imagining it wouldn't be their priority to order in the right parts or to work on your bike should anything goes wrong.

    For $300 difference, you would be better off working out a deal with your local dealer. I would not mention the bike is $300 cheaper in VIC, you can probably bluff your way through by saying the bike is cheaper at another dealership in Sydney.

    Saying the bike is cheaper from interstate will only piss them off, it's like telling your local accessories guy a jacket is $300 cheaper from overseas.
  6. Well, I explained to the local dealer that 300 would get me a new helmet or pair of boots, and after much conversing I got it to within the price difference of 100, so I went local.
    Luigi - why wouldn't you mention that it's cheaper in vic, the reality is, it was cheaper and I was one phone call away from ordering it to my front door, so it's pretty relevant in comparing prices.
    You are right about loyalty though, I can't imagine them being overly eager to repair a bike under warranty that they didn't sell you
  7. I wouldn't hesitate to let the local dealer know you can get it cheaper in another state. They are taking the piss if you can do a deal over the phone, add freight and still be $300 cheaper.

    Even if they don't match it, it tells them they need to start pulling their head in in future.

    It won't effect the quality of future service, because the workshop won't have any idea about these goings on. Even if it does, you can always get your bike serviced at an independent mechanic. They will probably be cheaper anyway and they will put a real mechanic on it, rather than a 15 year old first year mechanic.
  8. I agree with the whole, spend a LITTLE extra and keep your suppliers happy, but I wouldn't expect better service because of it. If you buy the cheapest product you can and it breaks, you think "well it was cheap" - if you buy the most expensive one (probably made in the same factory) and it breaks, you feel ripped. If you spend extra money in the hope of getting priority, you're pretty much guaranteed not to get priority :p