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Buying new GSXR600 or CBR600RR - prices etc?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V-meister, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    The time has come to upgrade and I'm thinking of buying a new K7 GSXR600 or 600RR...just wondering if people have any thoughts on what price these should be going at now (ie anyone that's in the market or has bought one recently).

    The cheapest I've seen so far for the K7 is $13990 ride away (any colour), and the CBR $14990 ride away (black).

    On another note, I sold my VTR250 a couple of months ago as I got a good price but is buying new a good idea for your first upgrade?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated, I've seen the many opinions on the GSXR and CBR and I think with with my limited experience and abilities I probably won't be able to tell too much difference between the performance of the 2 bikes, I'm sure I'll be happy with either (the CBR just has a slightly higher seat but I can still *pretty much* flat foot it)

  2. Get whatever bike is more comfortable as everyone says, nothing worse than getting a sweet looking bike with all the latest and greatest bits when it just doesnt feel right and you end up not wanting to take it out hehe
  3. There is a grands diference...
    How much do you want to ride for function and how much for the Grin factor.

    If it is about the Grin then get your leg over each, take em for a spin

  4. 3 months ago was having the same thought but than I bought 600RR'07 without regret.

    I got CBR $14990 ride away (blue) PM me if you decide to have in any colour.

  5. Six of one, half-dozen of the other. Both great bikes, but also quite similar to each other. Take a Triumph Daytona 675 for a test ride.
  6. yeah. i agree have a look at the Trumpy and it might change your mind
  7. Thanks for the replies guys,

    Samsico, that article (like many others) certainly rates the CBR well...I'm sure I can't go wrong with one.

    Flux and slicko, I do quite like the idea of the Daytona but don't find it as comfy as the seat feels a bit too high (I'm about 172cm tall) The other option is the Street Triple but I'm not sure when it's due out...

  8. Samsico, mate, good to see you carry the brand through to this forum too!

    Glad you use the same nick from 600rr.net!

    Anywho, go the Honda for sure, especially since the GSX-R will be coming out in 08. Last thing you want is to get a brand new bike and then a newer model comes out.

    Then again, if money is tight. Go the cheaper option. I doubt you will notice the difference.

    Honda looks better though, I am biased :p

  9. Hello Becks ... meet again eh :LOL: ............. It's a Small world you know... :p