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Buying new cruiser, opinions?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by moogar, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Short list:
    VN1700 Vulcan
    VN1600 Meanstreak
    Triumph Rocket III

    Have ridden the C109R and XVS1300A, both good although the C109R blew it out of the water in terms of power (yes I know it's a bigger engine).

    Would be really keen to hear people's opinions on each of the above, particularly the M109R - which I can't find a single demo in the state! I really like the look but don't want to commit to it without a ride at least.
  2. M109R
    VN1700 Vulcan
    VN1600 Meanstreak
    Triumph Rocket III

    dude narrow it down some to the type of cruiser

    the rocket and M109 will remove your arms from their sockets and arent for beginner riders big power 350+kg weight

    then you have an xvs1300 in there, probably have 100hp less then the triumph!

    i'd say get the rocket!

    i have a M109R and it's a spastic bike, easily keeps up with my mates 2008 Z750 and im 40kg heavier than him both bikes stock...

    why not the yamaha warrior?

    what do you want a cruiser cruiser or a power cruiser or muscle bike?

    i'll let you ride my M109 but you break it you brought it... the engine in the M109r is tuned differently to the c109r more top end power, yet still not lacking anything down low either
  3. Rocket III. You know you want 2.3L under you.
  4. The Yammy Roadliner may be to your taste too!! :wink:
  5. Yeah I've test ridden the C109R and LOVED it. Immediately got off and onto a XVS1300a, which was good but just missed the power of the C109R. Then tried a Suzuki M50 and was a bit disappointed.

    Belt of the yamaha saved me the shafting of the C109R when doing quick down changes, which was nice, and it handled a bit better... but the RRP for it is higher and it's got less horses.. how does that work? The 1900 yamaha is about $10k more expensive as well.

    I guess in terms of "type" of cruiser I am still exploring. Test riding Yamaha 1900 next week and the Rocket III.

    andrewd if i pop down to melbourne i might just take you up on that offer!
  6. Go the Rocket III, I know I do.
  7. Dont forget the M90, it might not pull ur arms out of the sockets as much as the 109, but is sure does handle a lot better.

    By the way i test rode the M90 & M109 at western's in penrith,Syd
  8. i'm in SA and finding a M109 or M90 to test is nigh impossible. Anyone know anyone who'd give me a spin?
  9. the m109r doe not handle badly at all, infact it's very good

    the problem is it's a whole lot of bike and lots of people cant handle it, imho its piss easy for me, buy my mate can barley ride it in a straight line, yet i can match him on his naked through the hills

    any bike with a 240+ rear is going to be arder to tip into a corner than something with a 180 for examle.... but not all bikes are for all people.... i had a 1998 monster and never felt right on it couldnt get used to it just felt crap (looked great though) and i know i can ride the hills heaps faster on my 109 than i could ever on the ducati.... even on the tightest road thats 35km/h all the way it's ok..... but it does really like the longer sweepers

    remember it's 350kg riding weight about 150kg more ride away than these 600's that people jump off then decide it crap.... then there is the 160nm and the 127hp it still windes out nice and takes off rather nice, bit hard to get a fast launch without smoking the rear, but that looks soo cool lol
  10. If only I had those choices !!!!

    Triumph Rocket III - Looks awesome, has bigger engine then my gfs corolla! I love the double headlight. I dont really like the 3 pipe exhaust though .. I am sure there's a way to upgrade that..

    M109r, looks hot too. Theres a 109r's forum, US based, Check the picture threads, and the mods they do to their bikes ... awesome!!

    These 2 bikes i think are definitely my upgrade bikes in a couple of years when i have a bit more experience under my belt. Few years to think about what i want!!!
  11. I found the power on the C109R to be just fine given that I had just got off a Virago 250 :) In fact I found it more comfortable than the XVS1300A. There is no doubt though that the weight of the thing made it feel heavy in corners, but really I was more concerned about touching the floorboards down than anything else.

    The reason I want to try the M109R is cause I understand from reviews and comments that it handles better. I am just a bit worried about the bar position, as the ride is a bit more stretched out than the C109R. Do you get tired after long rides?
  12. I'll probably get shot for this... but no Harleys?
  13. Yeah that's probably my fault, I've done nothing but hang shit on the US made goods.
    I'm personally voting Rocket III, but we'll see tomorrow...
  14. [quote="moogar. Do you get tired after long rides?[/quote]

    Have done a few 2-5000 klm weekends - (long weekends)
    Longest ride was just over 1800 klm in a day.
    With my trusty sheepskin cover, tunes via Starcomm system, and heated grips - managed with ease.

    Yep you get tired eventually - but you can have so much fun playing with the stray piece of traffic - that you get invigorated again. Overtaking is a doddle - just twist and go.
    M109 is happy cruising at between 100 up to 200kmh - after that you have to concentrate a bit harder to hang on!.

    NOT a sport bike - but is still sporty enough to hang with the pack.
    Low C of G helps here.
  15. Can I ask why the M50 was disappointing? I had it on my shortlist, but haven't been able to get a testride on one yet. Saturday my son and I test rode a C50 and an M90. I was blown away how great the M90 was to ride. I'm doing the sums now to see if I can swing an M90. The M50 seems to be excellent value for money, that's why it was on my shortlist.
  16. Curiously where do you go to get to cruise along at 200kmh? not that my xvs650 could get even close to that.
  17. Without wanting to point out the obvious, are you comparing apples to apples with the bikes mentioned?

    You mention comparing bikes with engine capacities from < 1000cc to >2000cc, classic cruisers and sporty cruisers, each with slightly different riding positions, etc.

    My 20cents would be find a bike (s) with riding position (seat height, bar type, position of controls, etc) that suits you. Personally I would love an M109 one day, but I find the riding position uncomfortable.

    Anyways good luck :)
  18. A mate of mine lost his licence after getting caught doing something like 170+ kph on his. So it might be more capable than what you think :grin:
  19. Oh, i know the bike can do it with ease... just curious where you get to cruise at that pace... like you could do it on any of the highways but really taking a risk with the license... i think i have read peter talk about outback qld riding or something, i vaguely remember a post where there was a massive 109r meet up and the highway cops lead them for a bit to try to control there speeds...