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buying new bike plus accessories

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by scrambler, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Hi all.
    I'm on the verge of putting some coin down on a new ride. I've been on my first bike for soooo long.
    I'm going to test ride the new 600 Hornet and the Street Triple on Monday (weather permitting).

    Now I'm not expecting them to move too much on the price of the bike but what kind of deal should I be pushing for on extra (gel seat, rear hugger, tank pad etc.)
    Should I expect a discount addition to free installation?

    First time buying new so I'd be grateful for any advice.

  2. Sorry mate, no advice, but I am very interested in the outcome as those are the exact two bikes on my (very) shortlist for when I'm off restrictions.

    Keep us posted.
  3. with the tripple try getting the fly screen, seat cowl, belly pan and some new pipes.... they wont throw it in but might give you a good deal on it.
  4. A lot of shops will be prepared to discount more on accessories and gear than on the bike itself. I'd go through the yellow pages and ring around for the best deal.
  5. I think the one thing that dealers have plenty of room to move on is the dealer delivery charge, that is where all my reduction in price came from. Make sure you get them to show you a full breakdown of the price, do some research on green slip price too, in case they use an insurer who is not the cheapest.

    Dealer Delivery Charge on my KLE500 was dropped to just over $300 from around $700.

  6. Exactly what I'd be looking at adding, possibly getting new pipes later on when I do some more research on what's available and what I'd like.

    Thanks for the tips all.
  7. test ride done!

    dcart3r, go for a ride mate! Woooh!!
    First I went down to Heidelberg to try the 600 Hornet. The guy had been great on the phone. Once I got down there he was cool, no attitude, sign the form, get the keys, 'seeya when you get back'. Went for a trundle for 15 minutes, came back and had chat with father inlaw/bike enthusiast (married into the right family) the went for another twenty. '
    Came back, no drama, no pressure, gave him the keys, took his card.
    Very pleasant experience, very chilled.

    Next stop Ringwood for a ride on the Street Triple.
    Same friendly, no pressure, no attitude. The guy came out with me and we went for a great little trip around Warrandyte to see what the bike could do. Once back at the shop again, no pressure, very chilled. Short chat about bike features and delivery time etc. then on my way.

    Had a debrief with father in law to round off a great day.
    Thoughts on the bikes to follow.
    Both great bikes.
  8. get a slip on pipe at the least thrown in,most dealers will do it
    if you hassle them a bit.if not shop around till one will.
  9. Sounds like you had fun :)

    Just out of interest; what did they say about the delivery times for the street triple?
  10. 600b Hornet versus Street Triple

    First let me say I 'know' sweet F.A. about bikes.
    I've been riding for about 3 years and almost exclusively on my first bike, the Kwaka EL250.
    So anything bigger is gonna blow my mind anyway.
    Also, I know that my skills are not a level to push these bikes to their limits.
    So my thoughts here are just my own and not statements of fact.

    Bike comfort: For me the trip won here. It's a lighter bike (I am coming of a little 250), the riding position was more comfortable for me, pegs, distance to bars etc.
    I felt more wrist pain after 10 minutes on the Hornet than 25 on the trip.
    This maybe a 'set up' thing that can be tweaked (lever angle etc.) and not a design thing- I'm not sure.
    The stock seat was more comfy on the Hornet, so I'm thinking a gel addition to the Street would lift it in this department.

    During the Ride I felt the Street had a lower centre of gravity- which was more akin to what I'm used to, giving me a more familiar sense of balance.
    Note here that this maybe an illusion as I may have just been getting used to riding bikes bigger than my kwaka.

    Gearbox: changes were smoother on the Hornet (more forgiving of my bad technique and incorrect gear selection) but these are demo bikes and I'm sure they've been ridden pretty hard. Note here that P.S. has one triple demo for all stores to share so i'ts probably copped a hiding.

    The clutch engages more gradually on the triple, which again is more akin to the EL I'm used to. I managed to stall the Hornet at the lights once. Something probably adjustable perhaps?

    Power: Well I think I just learnt what they're talking about low and midrange torque. The Triple was ready to give me some go at all times,
    whereas the Hornet waited till it got 4000 or so revs up before it was ready give some punch, but once there it would satisfy nicely.

    For my purposes the Triple is more suitable, more urban, stop start, quick spurts type of riding (remembering it's weight too, makes this feel like a very nimble bike with plenty of punch at short notice). I'm sure the type of bike the Hornet is suits others needs better than the Street Triple- long distance rides at higher speeds etc.
    The Street was more comfortable (add the gel seat), more 'familiar' to ride, quicker off the mark in the low and mid revs range, and the styling really appeals to me. All those jap bikes are looking the same to me, and I don't think the have a 'timeless' quality compared to the Triumph.

    post script: Like up to 3-4 months delivery.
    Also, price going up $500 in June.
  11. Cheers for the write up on your experience. I'll definitely be doing the same when I'm off restrictions, but from what you described, I expect the Striple to suit my needs (very similar to yours). I assume you'll be going with the Triumph - can you post what extras you get and, if you don't mind, price you paid?
  12. You can often get stuff thrown in.. but cheaper to get stuff from OS anyway.
  13. :? wtf
  14. :roll:

    Allow me to translate that for you.

    "you can often get stuff thrown in." - In this context 'stuff refers to motorcycle accessories or rider apparel. Upon purchasing a motorcylce from a motorcycle retailer they will 'often' (ie:many times;frequently) include motorcycle gear with the motorcyle being purchased or give a good discount on said gear.

    'but cheaper to get stuff from OS anyway'(OS = overseas = not in Australia ie: need to hop a plane or boat to get there or be a very good swimmer, places overseas could include New Zealand, USA or Tasmania). It is quite a bit cheaper to get some accessories and gear from the States. Especially Yosimura or Alpinestars gear. To do this you will need to use the 'internet'. But thats another thread completely.

    That concludes todays lesson.
  15. :rofl:
  16. Re: test ride done!

    redwing? I went past to buy some gloves today :grin:
  17. i know what os means brainiac.what i meant was how can it be cheaper than free? smart arse.
  18. I don't think they give you the gear for for free, they just discount it substantially...

    A friend just paid for to much money for a pair of boots. The boots ended up having a faulty zip and needed to be replaced. If he'd gone with the OS purchase it would have been a complete pain in the butt, so I guess that kinda stuff should be taken into consideration...
  19. price hike

    Just been informed the $500 price increase applies to any Street Triple SHIPPED from June on. This includes back orders. If you order one now you're still paying the extra $500 as you wont get it until after June 1.
    Efectively the current price is $12490 plus ORC.
  20. FYI

    Beginnin of last week went for test ride.
    End of last week rang AJ's Shepparton for a quote on advice read here at Netrider.
    Got back to me start of this week with a spare bike from a shipment just in.
    End of this week the proud I'm owner of a Street Triple, registered, insured, and in my garage!
    AJ's rocks.
    Thanks you guys.