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Buying new bike now (Feb): should I wait for 2008 model?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ckramer, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Particularly Yamaha V-Star 650

    Currently dealers have 2007 models in stock. probably because didn't sell them.
    Is there period every year when they lower the prices to get rid of previous year models?
    Or they keep selling previous/current year at same price?

    Do bike models change from year to year? Is it a big deal?
  2. Short answer, no on new models every year.

    Different manufactures have various cycles in thier models.
    This can vary from decades (Harley's) to every three to four years for sports bikes.

    You just need to research the cycle that your bike is in.
  3. :rofl: :rofl:
  4. Yes, but that usually doesn't come until much later in the year. Winter, perhaps. It also depends on popularity of the bike, and on how big and how well received the changes are on the new model. If the old one is still in demand, you won't see much of a discount.

    Again, no hard answer. Depends on the model, and the year. Supersports tend to go through a 2-year cycle, for example, GSXR 07 model was a significant change from 06, Now 08 model came out - it is still called 08 model, but the only change is a slightly different colour scheme. You can expect the 09 model to be significantly different again.

    But there's no technological reasons for that, it's just marketing. Bikes generally fall into two categories: penis extenders and road vehicles. Penis extenders need to be updated often because buying one has little to do with its ability - they're all far better than 99.9% of their riders will ever be. But they are purchased for the pride of owning the latest and biggest.

    Then there are bikes used in order to actually travel from A to B. They tend to have a lot longer cycles between changes, because once they are good enough, it makes more sense for the manufacturer to not mess with the design and recoup the cost by having a longer run. They still have yearly models, but changes tend to be small or even just cosmetic,

    V-Star is one of the later; it doesn't change much any more. While I can't be sure because it's not like I have any inside Yamaha info, I don't expect the 08 model to be significantly changed. Another thing is, not all change is for the better! Sometimes it would be preferable if they'd just leave the good thing alone, but they'll still mess with it for the sake of change (marketing again - see Ducati Monster for example), or they have to make changes to comply with regulations (and those tend to screw things up).

    All in all, I think you can safely get V-Star 07 model, and try to talk them down on price rather than waiting for 08 model.
  5. Thanks for answers.

    What about year in the registration, if I buy a bike in 2008, it will always be a "2008 bike" e.g. when I resell it?
    Or year of the bike is actual year of when it was made?
  6. Depends on who's buying it. Some people look at build date - others look at registered date (esp those buying '08 model CBR250s ;)). Even a new '08 model could still have an '07 build.
    Really though it only becomes a big issue when you're talking the difference between decades, best example is the difference between '99 and '00 models.
  7. The date on the build plate is what is important. We are selling 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokees at the moment and the rego label says 2008.
    When these vehicles are traded in or sold later in life they are 2005 models not 2008. The V star is not likely to change in a big way. It might have a new colour if anything. Just be carefull what you buy. When I was looking for a new bike a Yamaha dealer tried to tell me an FZ6 they had was an 06 bike but the build date was 05 and compliance was 06. This bike was an 06 spec but was near on 12 months old. I went and bought the GSR instead it is a late 06 build but is 07 spec.