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Buying new bike, advice needed...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Yo dudes, just want to get some opinions on my little dilemma..

    Here's the 411:

    I'm in NSW (so start thinking LAMS).
    I get off my restrictions in June.
    NO, I can't wait till then, I want a new bike now!!
    I currently have an SRX250 that is 'temperamental' at the best of times.
    I went for a test ride of a Hyosung GV650L (the restricted one) on Saturday and liked it very much.

    So the guys at Central Coast Motorcycles want to sell me this brand new (2yr, unlimited K warranty) GV650 for $12,100 incl. all on roads and the accessories that I want. The money is no object as I will be getting a loan and paying off credit cards and loans from my dad as well.

    Only thing is, I feel a bit silly buying this bike after only one test ride and not having looked seriously at any other options.

    Bearing in mind that I want a bike to do 2up touring on (weekend trips sort of thing), what other decent LAMS approved bikes should I look at??

    Not really interested in:

    BMW F650 - why? cos it's a beemer.
    Suzu GS5/Kawa ER5 - why? too boring.
    Ducati 620 Lite - why? no good for pillion.
    Cagiva Canyon - why? just don't like it.

    Otherwise, could someone out there just tell me to shut up and buy the damn bike...

  2. Don't you just hate spending 15 minutes writing out a new post only to have it disappear off the main screen within 2 minutes? I do...
  3. Shut up and buy the damn bike
    You'll have to spend $3,000 more to get the same feature set with any other manufacturer......

    talk to skydiverbrads, he's got a fully-faired silver job, it is schmick...
  4. I wouldn't have a clue which bikes are LAMS approved, but I reckon you'll be much better off waiting till you're off your restrictions. Cause that's the time of year the bikes get heavily discounted. I bought my hornet last June. The original price was $15,290. Come June it was $11,990.

    By then you'll have the option of a z750/1000, FZ6S/FZ1 plus a few others. You'll be able to pick up a litre bike for only a grand or two more.
  5. Mmm, i like the GV650. It is quite V-Rod in its styling.
    I stepped up from my GV250 to a Vulcan 800 though.
    It cost me $12k on road with 2yr warranty etc but also came with some neat accessories like the back rest, saddlebags and engine protector. I found it quite easy here in Tassie to get an exemption so I could go to a bigger bike straight away. Is that possible there?
  6. Hey, it's not like you're buying a new bike sight-unseen. You took it for a ride, you like it, the price is right - I see no problem. Just buy it!
  7. The important question you need to ask yourself is... "Can the GV650 have the LAMS restrictions removed sothat I can ride the full bike after my license has been upgraded?"
  8. The stock seat is no good for a pillion. You can either change the seat, or shock, horror, add a backrest to the monster.


    Honda Deuville IMO is the best of the LAMS approved tourers. Shaft drive, ample luggage, all rounder, but doesn't shine in any area.

    But, now the question to ask yourself, what style of touring are you doing? Sports, Luxury or Adventure?

    A 600 two-up with luggage is going to be pushing it.

    Going to have to say, suck it up, wait the 6 months and get the cheaper bigger bike come June.
  9. Thanks guys, that's all the encouragement I need.

    Hornet600, CB250GOESPOP, I'll take your advice.

    Milos, thanks but I just wait any longer, I haven't been "on the road" properly since june, and I'm just about ready to buy a machine gun and go on a killing spree.

    Oh, and Hornet, I'm getting the GV (Vrod Copy cruiser) not the GT...
  10. Kaer,

    yeah looked at the Deauville, also the older Revere, still on my "if I go for anything else that'd be it" list.

    Main advantage of the Hyo is that yes, the restrictions can come off and then you've got yourself a 72hp 650 cruiser... sweet...
  11. The GV250 had classic styling that appeals to most cruiser buyers, unfortunately the GV650 is nothing like it, I saw it in the flesh at the motorcycle expo, way too much plastic everywhere and a plain cast finish motor without fins, the rear of the bike sits up like a sports bike.
    I would be suspect as to how this model will age when its plastic bits deteriorate, I dare say it would spell high depreciation. If you like a contemporary look in a cruiser - then check out the M50 from Suzuki.
  12. Fair question, but fortunately I believe the answer is YES.

    Edit: Oops, actually I was thinking of the GT... when it comes to GV I have no idea, though I would hope since they share the engine, it should be the same...
  13. Good question, is it possible at all here in Vic?
  14. Seriously nice looking bike, Pete, (apart from the chain guard, that is :p), that's a HUGE back tyre! Let us know how it goes, and pics please, as usual..
  15. BTW Pete, if your primary goal is 2-up touring, you've taken the gf out on the test rides with you right ? :)

    It's no good getting a 2-up where the other half is going to be whinging at you every time they get on the back, or while comfortable for you over 500 klicks, ain't comfortable for them for that long.

    Honestly though, for 2-up touring, wait the 5 months and then go exploring. A 600 cc is going to be struggingly with 2 people with luggage (struggle as in highway speed).