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Buying my first scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by utewithascoot, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. hey guys,
    ive been browsing around the quokka (local classifieds) and going all over the net looking for a cheap 2nd hand scooter to buzz to my girlfriends place or down the street for a feed etc.
    ive seen a few vmoto's and bugs for about $1500, but the local hondashop has the honda today50 for $1700 rideaway.
    just wondering if anyone rides/has ridden one and their thoughts?
    my supercharged work ute may be fun to drive, but it burns a lot of fuel just for the 10min trips up the road so i was after a cheap scooter, nothing fancy. my budget is around $1500 but id go to $1700 for brand new if it was worth it

    thanks for your help,

  2. I've been hiring vmoto monzas, and I'm not impressed with them. Apart from the hire shop not looking after them, they're just cheaply made.

    The honda is a 4 stroke, if I remember correctly. That means it'll probably reach about 45km/h. The monza will happily do 60-65km/h.

    My riding instructor has an SCP Runna, which he doesn't use much (people tend not to want training if they already have the car license), but seemed happy with it. I met a girl with a Hyosung Rally the other day, and she seemed happy with it. Wheels and fuel tank are a little on the small side though.

    I'd suggest you save a bit to get yourself some gear though - at the very least a decent helmet, riding gloves and a jacket. You can still hurt yourself pretty bad at 60km/h. My gloves, jacket, draggins and workboots have abrasions on them that would have been my skin if I hadn't been wearing them, and I was only doing 30km/h in a car park when I fell.

    Also, if you're anything like me (the words 'fun to drive' imply you might be) you'll get sick of the 50cc scooter after a day and want something faster. Maybe try hiring one for a little while to see if it suits you (just don't go to yellow hire).
  3. the unrestricted SPC Runna might be your choice in that bracket. 4 stroke is absolutely gutless, you will throw it down the creek after a week, considering you drive a supercharged ute.

    Personally I'd say save a bit more and spend on a better scooter. You will want to ride it much more than you think once you have been on it for a couple of weeks and realise how much fun it is and how CHEAP it is to run. 150km for 5L of fuel for example. Just think of it this way, with the amount of money you can save from fuel, it scooter pays for itself within 2 years (even if you don't ride it at all in winter).

    Have a look at the Bowell Gypsy and TGB Akros Tec. they are about $2500. At least test ride them and compare to the Today or Runna and you will realise why the extra $1000 is worth it.

  4. hi Mark, welcome to the forums.

    if your anywhere near Freo then there are at least 2 places that hire out scoots that i know of - All Bikes on the way into Freo and some other one down near the harbour on the way to E-Shed markets. There is also a Bolwell dealer neaer the Toyota dealership.

    i suggest you go try as many as you can get your hands on before you make a choice.
  5. yeh ive riden the vmoto monza and bug jolie before, when me and my mates have hired them.
    the main reason i was going cheaper was i was gonna spend a few hundred on a decent helmet, i already got gloves off a mate, and get a jacket too.
    and yeh, hahahah i know the speed on the scooter wont compare to my ute.
    im about to head out to joondalup to check out a few, maybe buy one, if the extra bucks are worth it ill take the advice, cheers guys
  6. well i went to ride the today50 after work today.
    needless to say i felt like a sardine rolling down the street in a tin can, im pretty sure theres more revs involved in the windows in my ute. the entire time i just stressed over the size of it, its tiny, im no giant at 5'11" and i felt like i was on a motorised foldaway razor scooter.
    took a trip over to ace scooters, super nice guys, no bullshit, and the vmoto monza is my choice i think. the ones i rode when i hired one were nothing on the newer ones.
    $2000, ride away, said the secret santa thing off the website, so i get free gloves and topbox, with my girlfriend telling me she'll get me a helmet for christmas, im set.
    ive scanned through the pages, a few people have had a couple of bad experiences, but vmoto is a perth brand, so if i get any hassle ive figured theyre that close i can go sort out any problems with them direct.

    thanks for the help, and ill let you know how it all pans out
  7. thats a good point i reckon mate. There is a certain degree of extra piece of mind knowing that their head office is just down the road if you need them.

    yes there have been a few bad stories re Vmoto but considering the huge number of scoots they have sold its probably not all that bad.

    Ask them to de-restrict it as part of the pre-delivery service. Some dealers wont do it because strictly speaking your not allowed to, but most will if you ask nicely :wink: That should allow you to get a top speed closer to 70km/hr once run in.
  8. That's true - my impression of vmoto support was that it was pretty good, but the scooters are of mediocre quality. Watch out when you're closing the seat as that area tends to develop cracks if it's mistreated. Remember my opinion of vmotos is coloured by the fact that the three I've ridden weren't looked after properly.
  9. hmm from what i know about cars and my exhaust on my ute... they just change it to a more straight flow system to de-restrict?
    ill talk to the bloke about it, speed doesnt really phase me on it cos most of the roads are 60 anyway, but then again 70 would be handy and open up the possibilities of roads i could take it on
  10. Don't let the 60km/h limit stop you - I've ridden down to naval base, out to Kalamunda and up to Joondalup. Just stay off the freeways and move over when someone faster than you wants to pass.

    The first two monzas I rode would struggle to do 55km/h, but the one I've got now comfortably does 65km/h. Makes a huge difference when I'm riding in heavy traffic, especially in the city as it means I've got just enough power to keep up comfortably.
  11. just a couple of quick comments.
    heard a lot of bad stories of vmoto, i almost bought one but the salesman at the dealership didnt want to help me,
    i bought a bolwell/sym shark and was very impressed. i have also only heared good things about sym/bolwell so it might be worth checking out the jolie. www.scoota.com.au
    steer clear of 4 strokes under 100cc as they are gutless.
    to deristrict scooters they generally modify the transmition, cut restrictor pipe off exhaust, pulll restrictor out of intake, and disconect a wire on the cdi/ignition module.
    2 stroke exhaust are completely different from cars/4stroke,
    you cannot just put a bigger pipe on, it is to do with the expansion chamber shape.

    any quieries feel free to send me an email.
    hope this was of some help
  12. hey yeh cheers kizza for the info, as far as the derestriction goes, i like to get to know the engines of whatever im in.
    i looked at the bowell, but the fact that the vmoto dealer and australian distributor is so close its a pretty good peice of mind kinda deal if i do have any problems, plus theres that many of them buzzing around in WA, i figured they have to have something going for them
  13. have you considered a yamaha jog 50? another scoota is the bolwell retro